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Bérénice Marlohe: Jacket Required

  • Kempt Staff

Robevia GQ UK

Bespoke Flapping: Trying to understand a curious vestige of Italian tailoring known as “the pettegola shirt.” [Permenent Style]

Eyesight: GQ hips us to a cool new menswear commerce site now in beta. [GQ]

Northern Exposure: The Times reports on North Korean street style as a bona fide thing. (We won’t believe them till they send over Bill Cunningham.) [NYT]

Husky Fit: Archival Clothing awards the University of Washington with the “best documented, most stylish and frolicsome campus day” and has the pictures to prove it. [Archival Clothing]

The Reentry: December 19

Minor nuclear weapons power dictator and bouffant hairstyle icon Kim Jong Il has died.

So ronrey, indeed.

If it seems like the 2011 holiday season is endless this time around, that’s because 2011 has blessed/cursed us with five weekends in December, the third of which saw the Iraq War officially come to a close, Christian Bale roughed up by Chinese thugs and, in our opinion, the best Saturday Night Live in over a decade.

Oh, and Playboy’s sales apparently weren’t affected by those leaked naked Lohan pics...»

Our Favorite World Cup Moment

  • Shawn Donnelly


This is the latest installment of The World Cup According to Kempt™, our series on the stuff that really matters at this summer’s tournament in South Africa.

The past month has seen a lot of wild, crazy and forearm-tastic moments, but now that the magic’s almost over, we thought we’d choose a favorite. And, before you start guessing, it doesn’t end in a goal, a penalty or an offside call.

No, our favorite moment would have to be North Korea’s Jong Tae-se crying before the North Korea-Brazil game, during his country’s national anthem. Did we say crying? We meant bawling his eyes out. It was a sight to behold. Especially from a guy whose nation is so conservative, oppressive and, frankly, strange, it had reportedly shipped in Chinese actors to pretend to be fans. If you haven’t seen it yet, bask in its universally humanness here.