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Northern Grade Heads to Austin

  • Najib Benouar


Attention all Texans: Northern Grade, the roving bazaar of all things good and American, is popping up in Austin this weekend.

There will be the usual doses of Horween leather, artisanal grooming products and American-made gear, plus a few Austinian twists from hometown hosts: the sausage and menswear kings of Austin, respectively, Frank (who we’ve gushed about before) and Central Texas’s bastion of rugged dapperness, Stag. They’ll be taking over a row of galvanized-steel Quonset huts known as Fair Market—pictured above—so you can’t miss it. Just follow the scent of grilled bison, smoked black pepper chèvre, basil and sweet kolache bread. (Then ask for the Northern Grade Dog.)

More info after the jump.»

Talking Shop: Northern Grade

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Midwest menswear market Northern Grade is popping up in Dumbo this weekend, and they’re bringing along an entire caravan of made-in-the-USA excellence.

Now in its fifth year, with events in six cities, the pop-up (from husband-and-wife cofounders Mac and Katherine McMillan, of Pierrepont Hicks fame) has teamed up with GQ for this latest installment.

We caught up with Katherine to bring you a sneak peek at what’s new, and what you won’t be getting anywhere else...»

The Manifest Destiny of Northern Grade

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Northern Grade

Our friends at UrbanDaddy have tipped us off to the westward expansion of Chicago’s notoriously dapper heritage pop-up market, Northern Grade.

They’re setting up shop in the Bay Area this weekend, and it’s fixing to be the stuff from which sartorial dreams are born. Think raw selvage denim from Cone Mills by way of Tellason, Horween leather riveted into exceptionalism by the gents of Rancourt & Co. and just about all the chambray button-ups and oxford suiting a man’s closet should require.

So if you’re in the San Francisco area, stop by. Have a drink. Eat a pizza. And procure some new duds from the top purveyors of Made-in-the-USA handsomeness.

Slightly inebriated menswear browsing is the best kind of menswear browsing.