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It Gets the Job Done


We strive to purchase only handsome clothing, but there’s something beautiful about the moment when all that breaks down and you only care about bare bones utility. Think about a monumentally puffy winter parka, or the polished perfection of a good pair of galoshes…

Or, in this case, a bright yellow raincoat.

This newly released Norse Projects slicker comes from the rainsoaked north country of England, making it the working man’s version of the more refined mackintosh raincoats you might see on the streets of London. It’s loud, to be sure, but it’s also light and effective—and functionality doesn’t always whisper.

The North Country


For all the attention to mod style, it’s easy to forget about the equally important revolution that went on a little later and a little farther north. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Northern Soul.

Centered mostly on the 70s, the Northern Soul movement saw the thornier northern mods taking to dancehalls with the same Ben Sherman gear and center-vent suits as their London brethren, but an energy all their own. PSFK just put up a long post on Northern Soul, and by our lights, it's about time the whole movement got another look.

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The North Will Rise Again


So far, the rise of workwear has mostly focused on the American Rust Belt, but there’s plenty of labor going on across the water too. Or should we say, labour.

Inspired by England’s Northeast coast, Norsea Industries comes at the blue-collar revival from a scrappier vantage, mixing steelworker denim with Member’s-only style jackets, vintage-inspired beachwear, and a nautical vibe that reminds us more than a little bit of Rogues Gallery. Apparently Yorkshire is quite the sartorial melting pot. After this, we’ll be sure to keep our eye on it.

After all, one post-industrial wasteland is as good as another.

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