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It Gets the Job Done


We strive to purchase only handsome clothing, but there’s something beautiful about the moment when all that breaks down and you only care about bare bones utility. Think about a monumentally puffy winter parka, or the polished perfection of a good pair of galoshes…

Or, in this case, a bright yellow raincoat.

This newly released Norse Projects slicker comes from the rainsoaked north country of England, making it the working man’s version of the more refined mackintosh raincoats you might see on the streets of London. It’s loud, to be sure, but it’s also light and effective—and functionality doesn’t always whisper.

The North Wind


Harsh weather calls for gear from a harsh climate. This one comes from Denmark by way of Manchester, thanks to our friends at Norse Projects, and it can’t get here fast enough.

The Breton-striped crewneck is having quite a moment, but this is our favorite of the crop thanks to a medium gauge-knit (which means it’s not too thick to layer under your ultra-chunky duffel coat) and certain Scandanavian intangibles. When the chips are down, we’ll take it over the French equivalent any day.