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Dispatches from February 2012

We try to steer clear of anything that isn’t hitting stores in the near future—but there’s more impressive gear on the docket for Spring/Summer ’12 than we could keep to ourselves, so we’ve put together some detail shots and some well-chosen info to whet your appetite. The bad news: you won’t be able to get your mitts on any of it until February. The good news: you’re in for quite a February.

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The Northern Lights


We managed to snag a copy of Norsea’s latest lookbook at the (capsule) show, and the results are nothing short of exciting. For one, the khaki blazer is one northern staple we’re happy to adopt.

The rest of the line has highlights like Liberty-style mock turtlenecks and a few new takes on the denim jacket—aside from the Stamford denim blazer we saw at the show. The cleverest trick may be the styling on the Dunes jacket: The three-button blazer is worn with the bottom two buttons fastened. We wouldn’t advise trying it without a jacket that’s tailored for the purpose, but it’s one of the more daring moves we’ve seen in a lookbook recently.

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As usual, the latest capsule show was teeming with well-dressed fellows. But one of the particular quirks of the trade show is that most of the best outfits are direct off the sample racks. Often enough, they were made for the man wearing them.

For instance, Norsea Industries’ Stephen Banks was sporting one of the better fits we’ve ever seen in an unstructured blazer. The garment in question is the Stamford jacket, stitched together by Manchester’s Cooper & Stallbrand—one of the last remaining garment factories in the UK—where it seems to have picked up a fair amount of industrial flavor. It’s one of the more interesting items in the S/S 2010 line and, as luck would have it, he was able to find one in his size…

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Norsea’s 2010 catalog just came down the transom, and while there’s a fresh supply of liberty prints in tow, this Duke beach shirt struck us as a more impressive move.

After all, if we’re going floral, it’s survival of the loudest. And this one manages to reach almost Hawaiian levels of business while maintaining a certain stately grandeur. It’s not easy to put together elegiac beach gear, but Norsea seems to have it figured out.

Bags of the North


The duffel bag has a long way to go if it’s going to come back into style. But this isn’t a bad start…

These particular items come from our friends at Norsea Industries, and we’re ready to call them the beginning of the duffel revival. Trading industrial performance cloth for warm, vintage-looking fabrics and a healthily grungy approach to color, they end up with what the duffel bag always should have been: a casual approach to luggage.

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Going Back to Yorkshire


Our old friends at Norsea Industries have come out with a new Autumn/Winter line, and while most of it is the same North England nautical duds we gushed about before, there’s something new this time around. And it looks an awful lot like jewelry.

Well, maybe jewelry is a bit too strong—let’s stick with “accessories.” The latest goods include scarves, loose bracelets, tie and lapel pins, cufflinks, and even a watch fob or two. It’s a little different from the stripped-down denim they were moving a season ago, but it’s not so far off the mark.

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Off to Sea


Like its cousin the workshirt, the smock doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

This one comes from the folks at Norsea, and between the well-seasoned fabric and the diagonal-striped panel in front, we’re ready to call it one of the best showroom pieces we’ve seen all year. Put this under a roughly worn suit, or maybe even a three-piece, and you will have pulled off the formal workwear look to perfection.

Naturally, there’s no collar required.

The North Will Rise Again


So far, the rise of workwear has mostly focused on the American Rust Belt, but there’s plenty of labor going on across the water too. Or should we say, labour.

Inspired by England’s Northeast coast, Norsea Industries comes at the blue-collar revival from a scrappier vantage, mixing steelworker denim with Member’s-only style jackets, vintage-inspired beachwear, and a nautical vibe that reminds us more than a little bit of Rogues Gallery. Apparently Yorkshire is quite the sartorial melting pot. After this, we’ll be sure to keep our eye on it.

After all, one post-industrial wasteland is as good as another.

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