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The khaki pant has gotten a rough shake over the past couple decades, but if you go back far enough, it was every bit as rough and tumble as denim. To the archives!

Fortunately for connoisseurs of indestructible clothing, Nom de Guerre has a pretty good recreation in stock—which just happens to be on sale at Context. It’s essentially dyed Japanese selvage denim, but the cut and the archival quality gives it a little more history than your average hipster jean. There’s even a cinching strap in the back for an extra bit of retro flair—another touch that would be out of place on the indigo version—but the fabric is the same stiff, raw weave you’d find at higher end jean shops. Well played, gentlemen.

Nom Nom Nom


There are a lot of different ways to dress for cold, but the “British gent invades Poland” look is one of the more interesting ones we’ve seen.

Nom de Guerre’s F/W ’09 collection mixes a wide range of styles, but what sticks out for us is the rough fur boot covers that look like they were lifted straight from Genghis Khan. The usual prim British tailoring and preppy shawl collars still apply, but now they look like they’re ready for the eastern front. Unlike 90% of winter collections, this one tries to outfit you for the coldest days of the year.

And a few infantry movements, while they’re at it.

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