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Tantalizing Sweat, Tricky Names Made Easy, And Rainbow Eyegear


The Blessed One: Marissa Miller is so hot, her body’s natural response is to cool itself by sweating profusely. [Egotastic]

Fatty Foods: These chain restaurants’ menu items will have you busting your gut before you know it. Avoid them at all costs. [The Bachelor Guy]

Slam Dunk: The new line of Nike SB’s debuted, and if you’re a fan of sneakers, you’re gonna need to cool your boots after looking at these photos. [High Snob Society]

No Longer A Mystery: A breakdown of famous designers’ names and the proper way to pronounce them. Now you’ll know, just in case you ever need to impress a model. [Haute Concept]

Kanye’s Inspiration: Meet the sunglasses that started a movement… A very colorful movement. [Men.Style]