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Raid the Cole Haan Webshop (For 25% Off)

We would be remiss if we didn’t alert you to this excellent deal that our friends over at UrbanDaddy Perks are running with Cole Haan, which is basically a carte blanche 25% off anything in their webshop. It’s worth checking out, whether you’re in the market for some new dancing shoes for the holiday party onslaught, in need of a new briefcase or game for a little futuristic-heritage mashup like the LunarGrand Wingtips.

You never know when you’re going to need to head out of a boardroom meeting at full sprint.

The Fall Golf Checklist

Fall golf: the most underrated golf.

The air is crisp, the ground is firm, and the heavy stuff’s not coming down for quite a while (said the greenkeeper to the bishop).

Given what happened to the bishop, though, we decided to call upon teaching pro and 18-year PGA member Tom Gleeton, director of golf operations at the Country Club of Waterbury in central Connecticut, to get us up to speed on some fall golf essentials.

Mathilda, his yellow lab, joined us for the back nine...»

Joséphine de la Baume Is a Sconce

Friendly Henleys: A roundup of the finest placketed thermal shirting your fall layering requires. [Well Spent]

Heart Burning, Still Yearning: In honor of Bob Dylan’s newest album, Tempest, dropping this week, The Atlantic relives the 10 most poignant moments of his career. [The Atlantic]

Best Side: Because you ought to be getting your gambling advice from NPR, here’s an interesting tip on how to cover the spread during evening games. [NPR]

Tinker with Greatness: Nuggets of wisdom from the enigmatic man responsible for some of the most iconic shoes ever made: Nike Air Jordans. (He’s designed every single one of them.) [GQ]

The September Issues

September is a big month in the print world of menswear. It sets the tone for the following season (and, effectively, the remainder of the year).

It also means the page counts are at their bulkiest—so many woolen things, so little time. And in our continued dedication to sussing it all out, we’ve thumbed through the 1,000-plus pages (we’ve thrown in the bonus round of Vanity Fair since they’ve weighed in on the year’s best-dressed men) just for you.

Let’s dig into the September issues, shall we...»

Fly to Death

In a late-breaking addition to our Olympic gear roundup, we just stumbled upon this new pair of Nike Flyknits, made exclusively for the four nationless competitors known as the Independent Olympic Athletes, and we had to share.

They’re made with Nike’s latest “flyknit” technology that has captured the attention of both the running and #menswear worlds—for different, yet obvious, reasons—so you can imagine how nearly impossible it already is to get ahold of a pair. This edition will actually be impossible to get your hands on, since only four pairs have been made.

See the rest of the IOA “team” gear over at Four Pins.

Kate Upton’s Zipper Is Stuck

Well-Cut and Dry: Cool Hunting takes the new Dri-Fit enhanced oxford from Nike for spin and they’re pleasantly surprised with the looks and the moisture wicking. [Cool Hunting]

Light Knight: Vulture hypothesizes that the moments of comedic relief in director Chris Nolan’s gritty movies could be better. Cue the laugh track. [Vulture]

Punch Out: This year the US will field our first women’s boxing team. Which is a major feat in and of itself. [Deadspin]

Un-Required Reading: A good read on the beach is a time honored summer tradition—but you should choose your material wisely. [LA Times]

Kanye’s New Kicks

We usually stay off the sneaker beat entirely, but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire from afar every so often. So when the official release photos for the Nike Air Yeezy II landed in our inbox moments ago, we felt compelled to share. It’s everything you’d expect from the flamboyant Mr. West: hieroglyphs, neon, “anaconda leather” and a reptilian-inspired heel. And somehow it all works together to look pretty darn cool (you a fool for this one, Kanye). To get your hands on a pair, you’ll probably have to camp in line on June 9, and we are not suggesting you do that at all. It’s just not every day that something as pedestrian as a pair of cross-trainers edges into the avant-garde.

Elisabeth Moss Is Both Good Cop and Bad Cop

The Long Goodbye: On the 15th anniversary of Biggie’s death, Complex tracks down an LAPD detective to explain how it happened. The takeaway: they know who did it, but could never prosecute. [Complex]

Opening Someone Else’s Mail: Drew Magary opens Glenn O’Brien’s mail and has a somewhat different response to the sartorial queries. [Deadspin]

Fuel Troubles: A full-spectrum review of the latest workout gadget, the Nike+ FuelBand. [The Verge]

The Sneaker Beat: And just to keep things balanced, here’s Adidas’s latest kicks. [Hypenotice]