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A Hulking Success

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel fell to Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk, who brought in $200.3 million over the weekend, obliterating the previous domestic three-day record held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Combined with international openings, The Avengers has amassed $641.8 million in its first 12 days. Without Spider-Man.

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On Being Alone, Together

Nicolas Sarkozy became the first sitting president to lose the first round of a presidential election. 60 Minutes made both the top brass of Lehman Brothers and the SEC look a whole lot like criminals. The Yankees embarrassed the Red Sox. And then the Yankees embarrassed the Red Sox. But according to an op-ed in Saturday’s New York Times, we likely didn’t talk about any of that over the weekend—at least not to each other.

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Driving Stick


Crash!: Apparently Italian fashion editorials get a lot of their ideas from Cronenberg movies. [Refinery29]

It’s a Milestone: The 200th blog post asks, “Has Ed Hardy gone too far?” The answer is still yes. [Racked]

Face the Music: Where did music magazines go wrong? Promoting Sean Paul may have had something to do with it. [Vulture]

A Moment of Silence: French sunbathing may be on the decline. For once, we’re pretty sure Sarkozy’s doing all he can. [Guardian UK]

Getting Political


Eye Candy: Have you ever noticed how every time Sarkozy’s approval numbers droop, a new set of Carla Bruni nudes hits the web? [The Awl]

Shine On: The recession hits the rap industry's chains. Where is Jacob the Jeweler when the world needs him? [WSJ]

Have a Seat: The Grey Lady’s take on the ICFF. [NYTimes]

Going Upriver: Trovata ventures into the uncivilized wilderness that is Montauk. [Fashionista]

Man with a Movie Camera


We haven’t been keeping up with Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy much lately—to be honest, once they got married, we lost the spark—but a lucky documentarian is about to catch us up.

Tomorrow in Paris, the spectacularly fortunate Scottish filmmaker George Scott is premiering an 80-minute documentary on the couple that follows the French power couple from their first meeting through their eventual marriage, with apparently unrestricted access.

Naturally, it’s already tabloid fodder (via The Cut), but the surprising thing is how much access he seems to have gotten. Early reports have him filming the couple nuzzling and taking a tour of the Elysee palace. Anyone hitting the Parisian film festival circuit should feel free to drop us a line, but otherwise we’ll have to wait until it crosses the Atlantic.

Showing Some Leg, Showing Even More Leg, and Showing Kate's Legs


Happy Accident: City Rag went looking for a shot of Kate Hudson's tattoo and found lots of bare skin instead. Don't you hate it when that happens? [City Rag]

Rising Stocks: ACL digs into the Wall Street Journal's report on highwater trousers—remember, less fabric equals greater dividends to boardmembers. [A Continuous Lean]

Karl's World: One day we will all live under the yolk of his iron, black-clad fist…and it will be fabulous. [The Pipeline]

Bank On It: Store your dwindling funds in these beauties. [Hyr Collective]

On Your Knees: David Coleman instructs us on how to wear the latest cut-off shorts styles, make your own, and possibly ruin a perfectly good pair of pants. [NYTimes]

D-I-V-O-R-C-E: Poor A-Rod. Poor, poor A-Rod. []

First Baby: Queen of our world, Carla Bruni, wants a baby, but Nic Sarkozy is mum on the subject. The line for volunteers starts behind us. [NYMag]



Politicians are notoriously bad dressers—that’s a government salary for you—but if you’re enough of an icon, it doesn’t take much effort to become a style icon too.

After all, it’s called Kennedy chic for a reason.

The first contender to embrace the slim generation of suits (while his opponent is giving off slightly different signals), it’s no surprise that Obama's a favorite for the GQ and Esquire crowd. Unlike the rest of the C-SPAN fodder, Barack manages to make suits look good. (Not so hard, really—but like we said, it’s a low bar.)

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Vertical Horizons, Blonde Bilson and Russian To The Alter


The Great Pants War: Two competing revolutionaries, Bonobos and Cordarounds, square off against the "Soviet Bloc" of vertical corduroy with the introduction a horizontal variation on the classic fabric. Watch out for the crossfire. []

The Long Haul: Back off you vultures. Giorgio Armani ain't going nowhere. [WWD, 2nd item]

Russian Male-Order Bride: Iron-fisted autocrat beloved legally elected Federation President Vladimir Putin tries his best to emulate Nicolas Sarkozy's recent marital success. Fails. [Gawker]

Wigging Out: Unofficial Kempt mascot Rachel Bilson plays blonde for a day. [Egotastic]

Loop de Loop: Harajuku t-shirt maker does it oldschool. [PSFK]

More Celebrity Stink: James Franco, who we actually like, will be the face for Gucci's latest scent. [Luxist]

Boob Tube: Because he hasn't reached complete market saturation, Tommy Hilfiger will soon have his own TV channel. [DNRNews]

Madras Explosion: Ahh! Our eyes! Our eyes! [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Natalie Gets Her Freak On, Nic Elevates Himself and To Pop or Not To Pop


Freak Folk: Always on the hunt for a deep, sensitive mate, Natalie Portman is reportedly nuzzling up to Cripple Crow crooner Devandra Banhart. Yeah, we don't know how we feel about this one either. We mean, he is wearing a woman's jacket. [Egotastic]

Napoleon Complex: Lil', wee plutocrat Nic Sarkozy is kicking up a press dust storm in his fierce heels. [Shoeblogs]

What Would Moz Do?: Dress like Morrissey and you're set for life. [Style Salvage]

Spit and Polish: The geopolitics of the shoeshine. [NYT via On The Fly]

Throwing Sparks: Sharp dockside looks from Philip Sparks. [Philipsparks via Notcouture]

Blinded by the White: N.B. to African-American society partygoers - some photogs may require you use nametags. [Radar]

Environmental Hang Up: Going green starts at your dry cleaner. [Fox23]

Out of Africa: A brief history of the safari jacket. [Mercury News]

New Journalism: The Wall Street Journal is set to launch a new luxury magazine to compete with the Times' glossy insert, T. Yes, yes - you're right - they're calling it WSJ. [Editor and Publisher]

Luxury Hacks: Next time you're in Moscow, flag down a Maybach. [Autopark]

Home, Jeeves: In other auto news, The Chauffeur magazine has named its "Car of the Year." The Chauffeur magazine? We should really get our guy a subscription for his birthday. [Autoblog]

Auction and Adventure


Tomorrow, Christie’s is auctioning off the private collection of Gert Elferling, a collector who has apparently spent the last few decades compiling erotic shots of some of the most beautiful women in the world. The auction contains lots of familiar faces and it’s already making waves for more than a few of our favorite people.

Notably, our boy Sarkozy is facing some embarrassment from the British press as the auction features a nude shot from Ms. Bruni’s wilder years and coincides with his first Bruni-assisted visit to the UK.

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World Diplomacy, Belted Bikinis and the Quarter Brogue


Belt It: The unimpeachable virtues of the belted bikini. [MyFashionLife]

Lapel Diplomacy: Yet another world leader embarrasses his people with poor fashion sense. Sarkozy is looking better and better… [Manolo for the Men]

The Crew: J. Crew opens a men’s only store in Tribeca. Maybe Chelsea would have been more appropriate… [DNR]

No Quarter: Gianni Agnelli gives us a lesson on quarter brogues from beyond the grave. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Fuzzy Logic: As Chris Rock presciently advised, “take off that silly-ass hat.” [The Cool Hunter]

Gilded Guys, Housework and The Perils of Global Economics


The Craftsman: Interview with Gilded Age designer Stefan Mijanic. [The Discerning Brute]

Go West Young Man: Steven Alan lands in the City of Angels. [Refinery29]

News To You: Seems someone won that "Project Runway" show last night. Yeah, we don't care either.

Handy Man: A little more work around the house might get you a little more play around the bed. [AP]

Smooth Ride: Hermès unveils a signature edition of the already posh Bugatti Veyron. This will go great with our helicopter. [Men.Style]

Wedding Bells for Everyone: Nicolas Sarkozy married Carla Bruni. Now his ex, Cecilia, will marry her new paramour. Don't you just love happy endings? [Reuters]

Exchange Rate: The falling dollar is doing no favors for your closet. [Houston Chronicle]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Peter Som

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

At the house of Bill Blass, where he was recently installed as creative director, young designer Peter Som is overseeing the women's line (Michael Bastian has control of menswear). But Som, who worked for the late Mr. Blass himself after graduating from the Parsons School of Design and who debuted his own collection in 2001, is no sartorial slouch.

At a Le Cirque dinner the other night celebrating his new position, Som was in far nattier form than the laid-back Bastian usually musters»