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Theo Gosselin has Happy Neighbors

Get Your Ass to Mars: Giz scores live video of the first private orbital space launch. Welcome to the future. [Gizmodo]

Golden Years: Gilded Age will be hosting one of the better sample sales of the year (fingers crossed), if you happen to be in New York this weekend. [The Choosy Beggar]

The Other Corduroy Club: The best corduroy tie we’ve seen so far, courtesy of Hentsch. [FREE/MAN]

Harry Potter & the Morbid Aussie Troubadour: A strange story details how Nick Cave ended up in a Harry Potter movie. Mixtape fodder at its finest. [Pop & Hiss]

Crystal Renn is Still Waiting


V Mag For Victory: Somehow, she doesn't seem like the patient type. [The Cut]

Second Time’s the Charm: Street Etiquette drops their second awesome black history slideshow. And unlike the last few “most stylish” lists we’ve seen, we actually learned a few new names. Required reading. [GQ]

The Screamin’ Jays: Johnny Depp, Nick Cave, Chrissy Hynde and Mick Jones of the Clash get together for Haiti with a downright awesome cover of “I Put a Spell on You.” And just like that, we’ve got a new favorite charity single. [Vulture]

Take My Card: Our new favorite way to get postcards. [Lifehacker]

Cave Man

  • Jared Paul Stern


A while back we told you about Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia, the latest in a line of rock star offspring to try her hand at modeling. Now comes news from across the pond that rock'n'roll prince of darkness Nick Cave's son Jethro is following suit.

Young Jethro, 18, who lives in his dad's native Australia and bears a striking similarity to the Bad Seed, has apparently ditched his legal (and perfectly fine last name of Lazenby in favor of Cave. He has so far appeared in UK hipster rags *i-D* and *Dazed & Confused*, and was recently flown to Paris to meet with French fashion house Balenciaga. Of course, what he really wants to do is produce (music).