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The Style of Power


In the wake of a raft of pieces praising all the hoodie style on display in The Social Network, there’s a surprising confusion in the air about whether or not it’s actually a good idea to wear hoodies in a business context. Just to clarify, it’s not.

The argument goes something like this: Wearing pajamas to a board meeting means you don’t care, and only genuinely powerful people can afford not to care, so wearing clothes that say Gap on them should be more of a power move than all the silk ties on Madison Avenue.

Needless to say, there are a few problems…»

Crash Course


You might think Fashion Week would be drama enough, but there’s always room for a little more.

FashionIndie President Daniel Saynt just cancelled all the site's upcoming events, video premieres, and a good chunk of their Fashion Week coverage, and announced a lawsuit against the New York Observer. The lawsuit is in response to a catty lead paragraph from last week’s paper that called them out on crashing fashion week events…but don’t worry if things don’t quite add up. It’s not just you.

Frankly, we thought Saynt & Co. took pride in the occasional gatecrash, but calling off their own parties smacks of desperation and—even worse—thin skin. Calling in a lawyer is the weakest play in the book, and it’s simply not the blogger way. If you can’t take a jab or two from a broadsheet, how are you going to survive Gawker?

For goodness sakes, this is the internet.

Spreads, Trench Coats, and Our Name in the Paper


The Spread: We aren’t sure who AnnaLynne McCord is, but we just started liking GQ a lot more. [Egotastic]

Stay at Your Desk: Thom Browne goes to Florence to get even stricter and more austere. Think identical models and lots of trench coats. Doesn’t Italy usually make people looser? [IHT]

…and There’s a Planet: The latest web video gem retells the Star Wars saga with a spotty memory and a lot of Photoshop. [BoingBoing]

Well-Observed: Our distinguished editorial director dispenses a pearl of wisdom in quote form. Also, something about eCommerce. [NYObserver]

Work, Wear, Repeat


Our love of workwear finally made it into print today, with an article in the New York Observer quoting both our esteemed editorial director Randy Goldberg and Continuous Leaner Michael Williams.

Of course, Kempt’s contribution to the article—“there’s something stylish about the idea of punching the clock and feeling like the average American man”—was delivered from the deck of the Kempt yacht, while we bathed in cognac and ate strawberries covered in gold.

Ah, the blogging life.

Angels With Broken Wings

  • Jared Paul Stern


The *New York Observer* recently went batshit over gladiator sandals, oddly devoting the entire cover to a story entitled Ben-Her.

Cited as examples of the hot women warriors sporting the style this summer were Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashley Olson and Cynthia Rowley. However, we think mouthwatering model Erin Wasson wore them best by far, at the after-party for the CFDA Awards the other night—wore one, that is, accessorized with a matching pair of glossy black crutches.

More on Ms. Wasson»