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See You Next Year, Internet

  • Kempt Staff

2012 has been one helluva ride here on Kempt. And we’d like to take a moment to thank you all for taking that ride with us. (We hope some of that handsomeness rubbed off.)

Now, we’re off to find the nearest bow tie, pair of lips and bottle of champagne, and get started on the year-end revelry. We suggest you do the same, but since we’d never leave you empty-handed, here’s a little bubbly-swashing inspiration. We’ll see you next year, folks.

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A Gentleman’s Guide to the New Year’s Eve Kiss

Advice from Kempt’s resident lady and expert on all things French, Michelle Ong.

If you play it right, the New Year’s Eve kiss (henceforth, the “NYEK”) is the cherry on top of a perfect evening. Like cherries, it shouldn’t be that stressful. Here’s why: both parties are on the same page—no one, man or woman, would rather ring in 2013 blowing on a party horn like some lonely elephant.

And really, those 10 golden seconds leading up to the NYEK are—by far—the easiest window of opportunity you’ll get all year, kissing-wise. The next 31,535,990 won’t even come close.

But as for all things, you need a game plan, so I’ve cooked up a how-to for the three types of girls you might encounter. (Girlfriends and wives aren’t listed—Lord help you if you can’t figure that one out.)

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The Kempt Guide to the New Year’s Resolution

It's seems like a long way off, we know, but in a scant five days New Year's will be upon us. And with it, New Year's Resolutions. And since it would be a shame to let a seasonal surge in willpower and self-knowledge go to waste, we’d like to offer up a little wisdom on how to properly resolve yourself, and help 2012 live up to the hype. It’s going to be a good year…

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Wave Goodbye


Kempt is going on hiatus until the new year, so we thought we’d leave you with some musings on 2009 and a few forward-looking thoughts for 2010.

First, if you needed the year summed up for you in five minutes, in a concise but formally innovative manner, we’ve got you covered. This Google Wave runs down everything of interest—from Obama’s inaug to Usain Bolt’s world record—before presenting a few Waves discussing 2010. If you’ve got an invite, it’s not a bad way to ring in the New Year. We’ll see you on the other side.

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Happy Holidays, from Isabeli Fontana


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Yellow Devils

  • Jared Paul Stern

Veuve Cliquot

Yes, champagne at New Year's has gotten a bit tiresome, but don't switch to controlled substances just yet—Veuve Cliquot has hit on a way to brighten things up.

We've always loved the mandarin orange label on the bottles, which the company calls yellow for some reason; they're so damned natty. Someone we know (*cough, cough*) once even had his dining room painted to match. To celebrate the House of Cliquot's 130th anniversary they've just released a limited edition 3-liter “Yellowboam” (a play on Jeroboam), equivalent to four regular bottles.

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