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Kempt Man of the Hour: John Wellington


While there was plenty of good style on display at the Emmys—and plenty of adventurous-but-classy tuxes worthy of a little notice—this week’s MOTH comes from a slightly less formal setting: the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governor’s Island.

The Bixbyish gentleman here is one John Wellington, demonstrating a linen-soaked look that manages to work in the triple crown of newsboy cap, pocket watch and ascot without coming off as anything other than impeccable. It’s a little costumey, but he’s at a costume ball—and in the meantime he’s showing everyone in sight exactly how rumpled a pair of linen trousers should be, and what life looks like beyond slim-fit.

Off Camera


Old Hollywood is a glamorous enough style, we’re surprised no labels have tried to revive it. (Chaplin, anyone?) This picture of Buster Keaton, his director Edward Sedgwick, and simian companion Josephine holds almost a dozen style lessons, including the proper form for the newsboy cap, the nonchalant smoking break, and the hardest look of all: the shoulder-mounted monkey.

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