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The Eccentric Style of Dr. John

  • Kempt Staff


Today, Dr. John is releasing an album entitled Ske-Dat-De-Dat: The Spirit of Satch in tribute to a fellow New Orleans music legend, Louis Armstrong.

And it reminded us of his singular bayou-funk-meets-haute-voodoo fashion sense, from feather headdresses to flamboyant suiting—it’s exactly what fashion writers mean when they talk about “cultivating a personal style.” (What it also means: it probably won’t work for you, or anyone else not named Dr. John.)

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Petra van Raaij is Sun-Baked

Ref Crime: In case you didn’t notice, we just got robbed by the ref at the U.S./Slovenia game. We’ve started wars over less than this. [Time]

Information is Delicious: The New Orleans infographic competition includes a pretty brilliant guide to gumbo. [GOOD]

Also, Hats: A gentleman’s guide to treating very bad sunburn. The only downside: this might take all day. [Valet]

Layar is Coming!: Apparently cyberpunk guru and augmented reality booster Bruce Sterling is a Ladytron fan. Figures. [Boing Boing]

Gone Bad


1991’s Bad Lieutenant is notorious in New York film circles as one of the tawdriest movies ever made, so the prospect of a polished Hollywood remake is enough to get our interest up. And since it’s the brainchild of German New Cinema vet Werner Herzog—who’s been on quite a roll lately—we’re more than a little excited.

The trailer just landed, and the best news is the brilliant and inexplicably bankable Nicolas Cage. He’s at his best when he’s at his craziest, so the chance to play a drug-addled, rapidly disintegrating cop is something he can really sink his teeth into. He’s in full Pacino-mode for just about the whole trailer, and the hallucinated iguanas in the trailer suggest nobody’s playing this one for subtlety.

At the very least, it’ll tide us over until National Treasure 3.

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Happy Tuesday


In Medieval tradition, the Carnival is a day when the typical rules of decorum do no apply. Nobles can pass as commoners, people can paint their entire bodies green, or beads can be exchanged for moments of toplessness. Ah, tradition.

We’re more partial to the Rio festivities—as you might have guessed from our choice of pictures—if only because there’s less of a spring break feeling to the festivities, but there’s nothing wrong with the crescent city. The important thing is that no matter where you find yourself, you spend at least part of the day turning things on their head.

Don’t worry. It’ll all be back to normal tomorrow.

Lovely Dita, Banksy, and Barack’s Suits


The Talented Ms. Teese: A chat with everyone’s favorite anachronistic pinup. Burlesque lives! [BlackBook]

In the Kitchen: Versace goes after the muppet demographic. [Men.Style]

Banksy in New Orleans: For the first time, graffiti is used to rebuild a city. [PSFK]

Union Suit: Barack’s suit is from the same factory as Hickey Freeman…change we can believe in, indeed. [The Cut]