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American Gothic


We draw from a lot of sartorial wells, but it’s easy to lose touch and, if we’re really honest, it’s been a while since most urbanites saw buffalo check in its natural habitat.

If you were wondering, this is what it looks like. (And yes, that’s a Kalashnikov she’s carrying.)

Rogues Gallery pointed us to these local Maine characters. The woman is Carolyn Chute, an occasional militia leader who has just written a novel about “living off the grid in rural polygamist Maine.” Her well-bearded husband is an illiterate gravedigger.

Welcome to New England.

Maine Street


Modern style tends to be a bit too skewed to the urban, so it’s nice to see a good pair of creek boots every now and then…and nice to have companies like Rogues Gallery around.

They’ve been holed up in Portland, Maine, stubbornly resisting the lure of the city, ever since they launched. Luckily, they’ve set up a blog to let us city dwellers get a taste of the New England wilderness. The blog is called PTLDME (try here to skip the eye-catching intro), and they’ve been dropping bonus bits of inspiration there all month, like this snap from the Bailey’s Island photoshoot for their Spring lookbook.

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Hoist the Canvas


With WASP-fever running rampant through the industry (and Cape Cod approaching vacation temperatures), we thought we’d take a look at a staple of New England living: the canvas satchel.

Instead of the discontinued L. L. Bean version, we’re turning our attention to a version we saw on our recent jaunt through In God We Trust. The bag is canvas trimmed with leather, sewed together in Portland, Oregon (by native hipster artisans, we’re sure). It ends up as an inspired replica of the original, with a different logo to remind you where you got it.

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