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New Balance and Herschel Supply Co. Go All-Terrain

  • Najib Benouar

We’re of the mind that if you’re going to wear sneakers, they should be working for you, not against you—and most sneaker hybrids these days seem to be veering more toward high-fashion abstraction than utilitarianism.

Hence, we liked what we saw when we got a sneak peek at the New Balances coming out of their most recent shoe-plus-luggage collaboration with the Herschel Supply Co. They’re decidedly boot-ish and have a good amount of grip to assist in any climbing of subway stairs. Our favorite of the bags has a shoe compartment that makes an interoffice shoe change a cinch (because sometimes, your happy hour plans involve a hike). The whole collection is getting a limited release, launching tomorrow, so keep an eye out here for the drop.

And of course, we’ve got more looks at the shoes and bags after the jump.»

The Mud-Ready Sneaker


Let’s talk sneakers.

We’ve got nothing against the fresh-out-of-the-box crispiness of the streetwear set…but we’re usually after a slightly more lived-in look. We’re thinking of the pair you’ve taken out for a jog every other day for a year, picking up mud, grit and an aura of indestructibility along the way. It’s the object equivalent of a family dog.

New Balance’s Lake District Series nails the look just about perfectly, adding earthier colorways to the classic 576 shape. They made their way into stores a couple weeks back, just in time for mud season.

See the other colors here»

Balancing Act


Fabric scraps are having quite a year. First, they gave Looptworks a business model, and now they’re giving New Balance a few hundred shoes to play with.

This week, New Balance is launching the 574 Clips collection, a set of 480 shoes stitched together from pig-suede scraps in the semi-iconic 574 silhouette. And since they’re hyping their American manufacturing cred—as well they should, given the sneaker landscape—each pair will have “USA” stitched onto the tongue, courtesy of Lawrence, MA. (O amber waves of suede?)

Of course, just throwing up a few billboards wouldn’t be scrappy enough, so they’re getting a little creative»