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The New Yorker Archive’s Five Best Style Reads

  • Kempt Staff


We mentioned this a couple weeks ago when it happened, but we finally had some time to really dig deep into the newly unveiled New Yorker Archive recently and found a handful of stylish reads.

From Capote profiling Brando in 1957 to a 2010 visit to the Prince of Solomeo, otherwise known as Brunello Cucinelli, here are the five handsomest long-reads from the New Yorker Archive...»

A Cross-Dressing Geezer and the Return of the Gos

  • Najib Benouar

Wish We Were Joking: Less than a month in and it looks like we’ve already found the most bizarre fashion story of 2013: China’s new “it" girl is a 72-year-old grandfather.

What’s Gucci: Looks like we called it: the resurgence of Gosling in 2013 has already begun, according to his latest red-carpet turn on GQ.

Like a Gos: And just in case you were wondering how The Gos got so badass all of a sudden, Details tracks his evolution.

One Coin to Rule Them All: The New Yorker weighs the pros and cons of the Treasury’s option to mint a trillion-dollar platinum coin that could save America from financial ruin—with assistance from F. Scott Fitzgerald.