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Out to the Ballgame


Little-brother brands usually specialize in cheaper, simpler versions of the flagship brand’s gear. But Rogues Gallery’s kid brother Never Sleep is starting to have a few adventures of its own.

This baseball jacket from Never Sleep is the kind of item we like best: an Americana-soaked classic given a new cut and a new color scheme to pull it into modern times. In this case, that means a high school staple that can suddenly stand alongside the more adventurous shackets in your closet. Granted, the logo over the back is a little younger and more punk than we’re used to from RG…but what else are little brothers for?

One Eye Open


There are remarkably few brands that can accommodate a zombie-themed collection…so it’s probably best to give the more Romero-esque designs their own label.

Rogues Gallery’s Alex Carlton has apparently been nursing an appreciation for the undead for quite some time. Carlton just debuted Never Sleep as a sister brand to Rogues Gallery with a less nautical, more brain-seeking vibe. And for the more subtle aficionados, there’s a whole string of blazers and jackets in an undead-friendly black.