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Hawkeye: is the best thing in the history of the internet. [Erotic Falconry, via WBE]

Well Played: The Neiman Marcus Group’s Nick Wooster is an incredibly well-dressed man. Also, a big fan of the tie bar. [Sartorially Inclined]

This Can’t be Twitter, Because There is No True Twitter: Appparently, tweeting feels like love from a hormonal perspective. Which explains why Andy Rooney doesn’t like it. [TechCrunch]

Golden Years: Are we in a cultural golden age? This one’s worth it just for the pic. [AV Club]

Oaky Undertones


We love glass and chrome, but now it’s spring, and time for something a little warmer.

These wooden clocks from Neiman Marcus caught our eye for their antique, tropical flavor. Setting off the chestnut finish with brass, the overall effect is decidedly low-tech—which may be just right for a wall clock. It looks as if it could be fashioned by hand, which has an appeal all its own. The only drawback is that the more handy design-heads may decide they’d like to try.

DIYers aside, the low-tech look may be growing into its own as a style. With flatscreen TVs, stainless steel kitchens and synthetic tile becoming increasingly common as unintentional design statements, we may need something to balance things out.

Neiman Marcus [via Best Bets]

Crystal Ship


The 21st century has really fallen behind in the portable bar department. In the old days, a self-respecting gentleman wouldn’t dream of setting off on a voyage without something in reserve. And in the heyday of the trunk, there was a specific solution at hand.

Stocking more than twenty bottles of your choosing and a healthy selection of Irish crystal, this rosewood trunk is an open invitation to turn your spring picnic into a police-baiting outdoor hootenanny. Of course, luggage has always had its own unique style, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little function into the mix.

Charlie Chaplin would be proud.

Neiman Marcus [via Uncrate]