Jean Genie: How is it that almost every sexy
photospread comes along with some sort of statement that the model is
really a tomboy? Just askin’ [ href=""target="_blank">NYMag]

Not Tacky: Indeed, Needles is quite sharp [ href=""target="_blank">Men.Style]

Good for the Goose: See, even women like happy
endings. [Gawker]

Yes or No: Hedi Slimane just keeps stringing us
along. [Brandish]

Sliders in the Dirt: The all stars of scandal and
sleaze. Too bad Roger Clemens is retired. [ href=""target="_blank">Radar]

Knit One, Pearl Two: Lars Andersson’s menswear fresh
off the loom. [ href=""target="_blank">The

How Billionaires Dress: Surprisingly, not well. [ href=""target="_blank">The

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