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Icon: Baseball, Apple Pie and Bob Costas’s Face

If this ever-changing world in which we live in makes you give in and cry, just turn on NBC and sooner or later you’ll be greeted with a familiar face from a simpler time. We're referring, of course, to the curious case of Bob Costas's visage.

As we’ve attempted to illustrated in the above timeline, the man has indeed aged over the last thirty years—one might even say significantly so of late. But it's hard to put a finger on where and how this aging has occurred. There's surely been help along the way in the form of botulism injections, award-winning hair colorists and layers of various caked-on concealers. But nothing seems different, which we suppose is the point.

Beneath it all is simply a boy who loves baseball (and Michael Phelps)...»

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Network television is a fickle mistress, and no network knows it better than NBC. The last ten years have seen them plummet from being the network of Seinfeld, Friends and Law & Order to a withered husk of remakes and reality shows. While the new golden age of television marches forward on basic cable channels like AMC, FX and the Sci-Fi Channel, the peacock looks like it’s sitting this one out.

The Washington Post ran a column this week cataloging the network’s woes and, while the column never names him, most of the blame clearly falls at the feet of Ben Silverman, the wunderkind co-chairman who shepherded through most of the network’s recently-axed new programs.

Alas, the follies of youth»