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The Perfect Summer Color Scheme

In the editorial world, we like to talk about trends, but some things just work. They’ve worked for decades and they’ll work for decades to come, long after the double monks of the world have come and gone. Our favorite example: the divine convergence between navy blue and khaki, the two poles of gentlemanly spring style.

The eternal appeal of navy and khaki, and how to make it work»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Imran Amed

Not all navy blues are created equal.

Take, for example, this navy blue topcoat seen on Imran Amed, editor of Business of Fashion.

It doesn’t stray too far from the standard brass buttoned mold, but the shade of blue is just sharp enough to elevate it into brilliant territory. And it doesn’t hurt that he sets it off with an opposite-toned scarf. It’s a simple combination, but when you’re working with pieces this good, you don’t need to get complicated.

Coming off of a winter of bubbly parkas and coif-destroying hats, we’re about ready to call Mr. Amed the MVP of the season.

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