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Unis Goes Short

  • Najib Benouar


Consider this a late-breaking addition to our great moments in shorts...

Because we may have finally found the perfect pair of summer shorts, by way of menswear blogger darling label Unis: the Emmett.

Unis basically took the label’s highly coveted Gio pants and cut them off at the exactly appropriate length—baring just enough knee to keep things interesting, while not going full-on Larry Bird. Most importantly, the short pants retain the casually tailored-ness and Italian cotton of their forefather.

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The Crewneck Sweatshirt Gets Winterized

  • Najib Benouar

For all the charms of the crewneck sweatshirt (especially over an oxford cloth button-down), it’s got a short shelf life—mere cotton is just not substantial enough to stand up to the chill of December and the deeper winter to come.

But the enterprising Canadian sweatshirt-makers at Reigning Champ and NYC’s Steven Alan have found a way around that by injecting some wool into the blend—the cloth is made in Italy, so you’re still within the #menswear boundaries, even wearing a sweatshirt. Our favorite of the bunch is this speckled navy crewneck that looks exactly how we’d imagine our heather-gray sweatshirt would look winterized—so wear it the same way you would wear the cotton one in fall or spring.

Just keep it as far from your gym bag as possible.

The Stat Sheet: Nigel Cabourn Naval Jacket

  • Najib Benouar

When it comes to a good wool overcoat, we prefer something weighty enough to withstand the Antarctic tundra.

Which is why this naval jacket from Nigel Cabourn’s latest capsule collection—based on Captain Robert Scott’s crossing of Antarctica—is especially up to the task. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Story: Nigel Cabourn painstakingly researched the Antarctic expedition (so thoroughly, he released a companion booklet) on its 100-year anniversary and has recreated some of the most iconic pieces he discovered.

Who to Channel: Decorated admirals; Albert Camus; a man who risked life and frostbitten limb for the sake of crossing Antarctica.

When to Wear It: In Antarctica. Or on your way to and from the office. It’s just roomy enough to wear over a suit or a heavy cardigan. (Don’t forget a scarf.)

Or Spend Your $1,450 On: A used motorcycle, 5.3 Schott naval peacoats or a weekend in Old San Juan—which should give you roughly the same feeling of warmth without the coat.

Degree of Difficulty: The peak lapels and green bands on the sleeves do add more flair than your typical peacoat, but we’d say: proceed as usual. Just skip the captain’s hat.

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The War Hero of 1812 Sails Again

You don’t get a nickname like “Old Ironsides” by losing high-profile battles.

To commemorate the USS Constitution’s 200-year-old victory over the British fleet in the War of 1812, the US Navy’s oldest commissioned warship was sailed across Boston Harbor under its own power yesterday.

Tea was served, mockingly.

Reentry: Richard Dawson, Tiger Woods and a Submarine Cave for Sale

Richard Dawson, the Kissing Bandit, has died.

As you may recall, Kempt recently sauntered back to the Golden (Brown) Age of Game Shows, a glorious, sepia-toned era of wide lapels, sexual innuendoes and long-stemmed microphones gracefully held by extraordinarily tanned and charismatic gentlemen like Richard Dawson. “The way he was on [Family Feud] was the way he was in real life,” said Dawson’s son, Gary. “He not only wanted people to win, but to have a comfortable, great experience.”

Click here for a comfortable, great experience (survey says)...

In the process of researching our game show story last December, we stumbled upon this clip of Dawson’s estranged sons surprising him, on air, for his birthday. We’ll go ahead and call it the most poignant moment in game show history.

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The Reentry: January 16

The Reentry may feel a bit premature this week, since you’re easing into that not-so-short stack of french toast, but there’s no harm in keeping a toe in the waters of reality over the long weekend.

Here’s a good place to start: in the past 72 hours, a cruise ship slow-sank off the coast of Italy, Homeland and The Descendants won big at the Golden Globes, and Jesus Christ finally gave Tim Tebow some tough love. Thank God.

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