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Rating The Trends of 2011

Trends of 2011

A lot of new ideas arrived on the menswear scene this past year, but as we cast our gaze forward to 2012, we only see a few of them lasting through the next twelve months. So to let you know what you can safely count on wearing a year from now, we've rated some of the most discussed tricks in the book on a simple AAA-to-D scale (with apologies to Standard & Poors). If you want a credit rating for your double monks, look no further.

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Paulina Has Taken Over Your Couch

via Fashion Gone Rogue

Top Hat: An updated guide to the style of Fred Astaire, if he’d lived in modern times. Apparently, he would have developed quite a taste for Italian shoes. [Esquire]

The Scissormen: A 20-minute film about an old-school barbershop in North Carolina. Seems they’ve got a pretty good house band. [Open Culture]

The Geometry of the Southwest: The history of the Navajo print—it has more to do with the Pueblo tribe than the Navajo. [Wax Wane]

Mr. Elkann Strikes Back: Oh, and here’s some pictures of Lapo Elkann pulling off an incredibly flashy suit, surrounded by Ferraris. [Driven]

The Fine Print


We love a good challenge.

For instance, pulling off a massive geometric pattern without seeming like an extra in a Metropolis remake.

This denim piece in CHCM caught our eye for its post-Navajo chops, but actually wearing the thing should take quite a bit of preparation. We suggest a khaki cotton blazer and some neutral pants—possibly with a roll or two. Do it right, and you’ll have the futurist-cowboy all to yourself.

The Fine Print


Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

[This polo] from Japan’s Neighborhood takes an unusually direct approach to the Navajo look, taking one of the busier patterns and splashing it all over a loose collared polo shirt. It might be a bit more than we bargained for on its own—the eye can only take so much—but enough neutral layering might do the trick.