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Upgrading Your Ski Gear

  • Kempt Staff


The way the federal holidays fall this year, you could end up with a grade-school-like winter break during these last two weeks of the year.

Which means a good old-fashioned ski trip might be in the cards—whether you’ve already organized one, or you’re considering an impromptu dash for the nearest mountains. But before you head out in search of fresh powder, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the most handsome ski gear possible.

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The Emergency Raincoat

Nau’s Palm Pullover

If you’re anywhere on the east coast, you’re going to see quite a bit of rain this weekend. And you’re going to want to be equipped.

Our comprehensive guide can be found here, but for a more recent option, check out Nau’s Palm Pullover. It’s a synthetic take on the hoodie that’s light enough to be folded up in the bottom of a briefcase, or a desk drawer, or a glove compartment. When the inevitable happens, you’ll be able to keep your powder dry—along with your phone and, most importantly, your hair.

And since it happens to be on sale, now’s the time to pick it up. As for what you’ll do once you get inside…we’ll get to that in a minute.

Under the Hood


Now that we’re heading into the rainy season, it might be a good time to get your outerwear in order. And if you’re more into hoodies than parkas, we’d recommend this lightweight shell, known to the Nau crowd as the Rebound Jacket. (Hat tip to acquire)

As usual with Nau, the fabric is space-age, silent and much lighter than you think, but the best part is that it’s knit instead of woven, so it breathes without letting through rain or the occasional gust.

After this, you may have to take up jogging.

Singin’ in the Rain

obamarain_crop.jpgvia Slate

It’s hard to look good in the rain, but luckily we got some much-needed leadership from Mr. Obama.

Just make sure you’ve got a solid jacket. Don’t worry about a hat; that’ll just make you look like you’re hiding. Ignore the weather and get dramatic. You’re determined, you’re unflappable. You’re so in the moment, you don’t even notice the rain.

Of course, it helps if you’ve got a campaign staff waiting with a dry set of clothes.

All Together Nau


Our favorite performance outerwear shop is getting back in business starting tomorrow, just ahead of the rainy season.

We’re talking about Nau, a Portland marque that went briefly out of business this May only to be resuscitated by the like-minded Horny Toad. Their new gear isn’t that much of a break from the old, but you’ll have to get it online instead of in brick-and-mortar outposts, and it’s still the best rain protection we’ve come across.

We don’t expect it to make much of a crossover to the boutique scene, but it’s definitely worth a click or two.

The Beginning of the End


Now that Nau has been shuttered and unshuttered, it looks like the streets of Portland are once again safe for eco-friendly startups.

END seems to think so at least. The newly minted footwear company has been attracting all sorts of press with its green approach to the sneaker business. Most notably, the company is helmed by a former Nike exec, who may have felt inclined to atone for his employers’ less than savory labor practices. The shoes themselves are mostly earth-toned versions of what you can already find at Foot Locker, but the raw materials are decidedly different, based in recycled rubber and laces made from recycled milk jugs.

The shoes are slated to go on sale August 1 at REI stores, so we'll have to wait 'til then to see how they turn out.

Fare Thee Well


It’s not all wine and roses in the fashion industry. With the r-word in full swing, a lot of worthy labels are closing up shop.

The latest casualty is Nau, an environmentally-minded activewear outfit that juggled technology and style better than most. Check out their website for a full message, but the gist of it is this: the jig is up.

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Club Jackets, Pleas for Pleats and Shaking Things Up

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Kermit Meets Terry, Mod Style and Glowing Toiletries


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Elocution Lessons and Viking Chic



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