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The December Issues

  • Najib Benouar

As your calendar should've notified you, we’re a week into December—which means the new crop of magazines hit the newsstands a little bit ago. But in case they got lost in the holiday jumble, we’ve flipped through them all to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about this month in menswear journalism.

The December issues were full of reflection on a year that seemed more dismal to some (Esquire) than others (GQ) and mostly about watching TV to Details. And, for the first two, possibly about ushering in a new era of the casually printed nipple. (Here’s to looking forward to 2013 on that one.)

Without further ado, we bring you the month in menswear journalism.»

Ada Kristine Has Tried On One Too Many Costume Ideas

  • Kempt Staff

via The Libertine

Cinema Verité: Cool Material recommends the 10 documentaries every guy should see. [Cool Material]

Hollow Wean: For those of you who’ve yet to put any thought in your Halloween costume, Esquire has your three best topical options that should work in a pinch. [Esquire]

Folloween: And just in case those costume ideas weren’t your cup of tea, perhaps one of GQ’s 15 most stylish options might work. [GQ]

Storm’s a Brewin’: Now that you know how to stylishly weather a hurricane, see what Sandy looks like from NASA’s space station 250 miles up. (Hint: still massive.) [The Atlantic]

Nina Savic Is Already Wearing Something More Comfortable

Two Men and the City: Street Etiquette takes a high-contrast tour of Fashion Week, including some handsome duck hunter camo. [Street Etiquette]

The Never-Ending Flea: Marisa of Sig Other sets up a place to buy her favorite things, including city boots from Brooklyn Bootworks and a few Graham Withers ties. [The Sig Other]

Tweed and Flannel: A solid street shot from Guerreisms. We’re not sure about the hat, but the dad jeans are impeccable. [Details]

The Great Moon Rock Heist: Believe it or not, there’s a black market in moon rocks. This piece looks at the NASA special agent assigned to keeping it in check. [Gizmodo]

On John Glenn and Heroes

Astronaut John Glenn aboard the USS Noa after having been recovered from a splash landing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fifty years ago this week, when John Glenn completed the first of three orbits around the earth, he reported the presence of a bright light on an otherwise pitch-black, sunless horizon. Fearing that Glenn was hallucinating, the medical staff was called in to initiate a health assessment test. As it turned out, though, residents of Perth, Australia, had turned on every light in the city as a message of goodwill to the astronaut orbiting above. From then on, Perth would be known as “the city of lights.”

And John Glenn, an intergalactic hero...»

Beegee Margenyte Can’t Remember Why She Walked Into The Room

  • Najib Benouar

Yes, If It’s One Of Mine: Valet talks to internet famous designer Kent Wang about his spread collar polos and whether or not to wear one under your blazer. [Valet]

Too Far: Upon the sight of deliberately unfastened bow ties, Ivy Style recommends we wrangle in our new-found obsession with Sprezzatura. We might even take it one further and put the word on timeout for a while. [Ivy Style]

NASA’s Most Excellent Outfits: The title says it all. [Life Archives]

No relation to the Brothers Gibb: A few more of Beegee antique-ing in various states of undress, here, here and here.

Moon Unit


In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the National Air and Space Museum has taken its spacesuit collection out of storage, with everything from one-off prototypes to the genuine artifacts with moon dust still on them (via IO9). These particular models look a little baggy for our tastes…but hey, it was the 60s.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me


Market capitalism has had a rough few months, and everyone seems to be piling on. It lost the bankers to corporate bailouts and now it may lose its most vocal and culturally important spokesmen: the rappers.

The new single from the production team N.A.S.A. manages to lure Chuck D out of obscurity for an impressive verse, and that’s a MOTH you’re hearing on the chorus, but the song—titled “Money”—doesn’t seem to think too highly of the stuff. In fact, it’s downright skeptical. Maybe it's Shepard Fairey's video, but the paper chase comes out looking pretty unseemly. And if we can’t believe in material wealth, what’s left to rap about?

Whatever happened to putting five carats in your baby girl’s ear?

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