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Naomi Watts is not Afraid to be Pulpy


Don’t Call it a Comeback: Naomi Watts drops in for her first magazine profile in quite some time. We’re guessing when she told the interviewer there were naked pictures of her on Perez Hilton, she didn’t think that would make it into copy. [Blackbook]

Bring Out the Drille: A rundown of what Toms has in stock for summer. This is what you should be wearing instead of sandals. [Cool Hunting]

We Have No Idea Either: Apparently Will Ferrell threw out the first pitch of a Houston Astros game in character as disgraced Venezuelan relief man Rojo Johnson. And somehow, it was all for charity. [The Daily What]

Half in the Bag: Perhaps this $30 army duffel bag is the answer to your problems. Anyway, it couldn’t hurt. [Valet]

Table Hopper

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

In the latest installment of our occasional survey of the seating arrangements at A-list fêtes, we bring you this snap of hockey punk Sean Avery and well-traveled mannequin May Andersen at the dinner Brit-born, Aussie-raised actress Naomi Watts threw for her photographer brother Ben the other night at Milk Gallery.

The inexplicably fashionable athlete took time out from blogging about short suits and posing for Gap ads to chat up Ms. Andersen over several rounds of Heineken. Apparently he was just plastered enough to affect obliviousness to the forced smile she had on her face throughout the encounter; but here it is, captured for posterity.