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Wonderbras, Maximalism, and Naomi Campbell with a Gun


Wonder of Wonders: Dita Von Teese’s Wonderbra campaign hits the internet. [FashionIndie]

Max Power: Kempt favorite Takashi Murakami stops by to explain maximalism and drop the first highbrow P-Funk reference we’ve ever heard. [Esquire]

Team America: The Shipley & Halmos kids discuss Olympic uniforms. [Men.Style]

A Woman and a Gun: Naomi Campbell is terrifying people for a good cause in this photographer’s take on racism in modeling. [Show Studio]

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

When someone shows up to an A-list fashion clusterfuck—in this case, the other night's CFDA Awards—dressed like a metrosexual maharajah on meth—in this case, *Vogue* editor-at-extra-large André Leon Talley—you should of course avoid having your picture taken with said person at all costs. For one thing, clownishness of costume on such a grand scale is highly contagious, and will more than likely rub off on anyone who touches it.

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Posable Posen, Pants Up and Diva Behavior


Suspending Judgment: A dissenting opinion on the current popularity of braces forwarded through exemplars like Urkel. [Casanova Peasant]

A Waist of Money: Speaking of keeping your pants aloft, this belt will set you back a cool $18,000. [NYMag]

Classic Cut: 501 jeans, the collector's edition. [Retro To Go]

Imitation of Life: If you thought Zac Posen was already a little Stepford creepy… [Fashion Visa]

Cut Corners: Small-time hood Wesley Snipes breaks some lesser laws. [Manolo for the Men]

Image Maker: Valentino's new men's line will take direct inspiration from the house's founder. Shocker. [DNRNews]

Cutting Edge: At Hong Kong Fashion week the models are fully trained in the ancient arts of self defense. [Monsters and Critics]

Buyers Beware: It doesn't matter if you're a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman with millions of dollars of purchasing power, the ability to save or destroy fashion labels and a lifetime in the industry—if Beyonce needs to sit, they're making you stand. [The Observer]

A Match Made in Heaven: Rumors are swirling that the bombastic, unpredictable fashion diva Naomi Campbell and bombastic, unpredictable semi-fascist dictator Hugo Chavez are now are getting all Nic and Carla. Lovers of democracy beware. [Fashion Mag Daily]

Missoni Family Line, Slamming the Door and More


House of Missoni: Angela Missoni heads to the family photoalbum for inspiration. [DNRNews]

Style Revolution: Hugo Chavez tells Naomi Campbell that his personal sartorial inspiration is Fidel Castro. Was there ever any doubt? [Contact Music]

Courtly Graces: Blended-malt feminist offers hung-over invective against men holding doors for women. We'll remember to lock it behind us next time. [Arena]

High-Def Drams: Speaking of malts, check out the first web video channel dedicated to whiskey. []

Not Just Fridays: A quick tutorial on business casual. [London Times]

Stop, Hammer Time: Baggy vs. binding as Times editors discuss the relative merits of denim fits. [The Moment]