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Weekending Right: The Vacation Houseguest Edition

In this new weekly series, we peer into your summer weekend agenda and offer a few essential sundries to help you make the most of your upcoming escapade. This weekend, you’ve been invited to a friend’s summer home.

The vacation home. It is a sacred thing come summer, when escaping the city’s summer heat for an easygoing bucolic weekend is your only hope for keeping sane during the dog days. If you don’t have a place of your own, it’s likely you’ve got a friend who does. So, when you get the invite, you’ll need to be prepared (aside from the usual necessities) with a few extras that’ll make you the perfect houseguest in every way.

Stock your weekender bag with these five things and you’ll be invited back sooner than later.»

Natalia Oberhanss Is the Girl with the Golden Swimmies

[caption id="attachment_20483" align="alignleft" width="217" caption="via FGR"][/caption]

One in a Brazilian: The Wall Street Journal catches us up on the one and only Girl from Ipanema, Helo Pinheiro (who is now 66 years old). [WSJ]

Beatles Juice: On the occasion of Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday, Time recounts his first meeting with John Lennon as teenagers—they bumped into each other in a hallway looking for a guitar. [Time]

Idaho?: Take an Internet journey to the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch with your guide, David Coggins. [ACL]

Karmann Chameleon: To fulfill item number one of our summer must-haves (a vintage roadster), you’d do well to look into the Karmann Ghia—here’s a quick primer. [Driven]

Summer Outlook

If you can’t quite put your finger on why things are feeling more summery on Kempt this morning, we’d like to direct your attention to the left column (you might want to scroll down a bit). We’ve got a fresh crop of seasonal must-haves at the ready for your impending summer adventures. Some can be ordered online (see: Sid Mashburn’s Favorite Shorts), while others will require a little creativity and stylishness (see: A Beach Companion). But most of all, they should serve as inspiration for the warmer months to come. Happy summering.

The Elusive Boot


If you direct your attention to the column on the left (and maybe down a little bit), you might notice a brand new set of must-haves dropped in for fall, with this Italian Army boot from Grenson leading the charge.

Sadly, the shop where we found it has already sold out of the boots, but after a little digging, we’ve found a place where you can preorder from the next batch. Anyone who’s curious can place a special order with Black Dog Showroom by email or at 212-956-1425. It should be worth the trouble.