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The French Watch Connection

  • Najib Benouar

We have a soft spot for mid-century watch design—brushed steel and minimalist lines are the sorts of things we like on our wrists.

Which is why new watchmakers on the scene March LA.B immediately appealed to us. The watches lean on classic design for the faces and dials, then borrow from muscle car interiors for the leather straps. Seems like an unlikely pair (much like the “LA” and “B” in the name, which stand for Los Angeles and Biarritz) until you see the Swiss-made timepieces. Our favorite of the bunch is the AM2 with a square, Tank-like case and a ribbed leather strap that’s based on the interior of a classic Mustang.

It’s like wearing Drive and the South of France on your wrist.

Elle Liberachi Is Not Liberace

  • Kempt Staff

via GQ UK

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The Man Who Built American Muscle

  • Najib Benouar

The sun has set upon another legendary Texan. You’ve likely seen his name emblazoned on the back of a Mustang GT or obsessed over his automotive masterpiece, the Shelby Cobra, or maybe even picked up a packet of his expertly spiced chili powder blend. (It’s one hell of a legacy.) The man ran on pure guts and octane—when he was a race car driver, and later in life when he changed the face of the American sports car industry. So we’d like to salute Carroll Shelby with a few iconic photos of the legend standing next to his legendary works of art. (And Steve McQueen, in the above.)

A look back at Mr. Shelby and his cars.»