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Candice Swanepoel Is Tired of Your Overly Ambitious Sand Castles

Candice Swanepoelvia GQ UK

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The Fu Manchu vs. The Biker Mustache

Fu Manchu x Biker

We thought we’d take this opportunity to clarify a subtle yet crucial distinction between two commonly confused types of facial hair: the Fu Manchu and the Biker Mustache.

Very few people actually pull off an authentic Fu Manchu, first seen on screen in The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu (1923) and then on every Chinese villain ever since. The hair is grown only from the upper lip and hangs down either side of the mouth—but the sides remain clean-shaven.

The American version of the Fu Manchu has come to be known as “The Biker Mustache” or “The Horseshoe” because of its shape and popularity with modern cowboys. It consists of a full mustache with vertical extensions down to the jawline.

The guy currently leading the NFL in sacks has a biker mustache. As did this guy, and the guy who hangs out at your local rest stop.

We’re guessing you don’t actually know anyone who has a Fu Manchu.

Great Moments in Grooming: Salvador Dalí

A man with courage and strong follicles can accomplish just about anything. So we’d like to take a moment to honor some of the greatest moments in grooming history. This time, the gentleman in question is Salvador Dalí.

Everyone knows the crazy mustaches of Dalí’s late period, but he was pretty sharp in his younger years, too—as anyone who’s seen Midnight in Paris can attest. This snap finds a young Salvador with two impeccably sculpted mustache-clefs on his upper lip.

It’s still surreal—but in a suave-surreal way instead of a bizarre-surreal way. The stache is all the more impressive since he must have managed the whole thing with a straight razor. He was a painter, after all.

We’ll assume the bedroom eyes were intended for the photographer.

Breaking: Ewan MacGregor’s Pointy Mustache

Ewan MacGregor

Ladies and gentlemen, Ewan MacGregor has grown an Errol Flynn mustache.

It’s the sort of thing you’d usually see on a mixologist or an unusually well-groomed bike messenger, but damn if he doesn’t pull it off, thanks to an otherwise unassuming goatee and a generally unpretentious demeanor. (Pro tip: it looks a lot better over a t-shirt than a tweed suit.) Mostly, we’re happy to see this stache inching towards the mainstream. If you’ve got the courage (and the mustache wax), it might be worth a try.

Goulet to the Last Drop

Sad news from the world of sharkskin and pomade—the venerable Las Vegas entertainer and charmer Robert Goulet has succumbed to lung disease at the age of 73. A true vocal talent with a near-infinite supply of what his fellow Québécois call “charisme,” this smooth operator was loved by nearly everyone with an ear for music or a sense of humor.

Even with his slicked-back hair, brown turtlenecks, polyester everything, devil’s ‘stache and—uh—man jewelery, Goulet somehow seemed above it all—classy and confident no matter what (a lesson we could all learn.) Through his forty years of service as the self-effacing epitome of the velvet-lapelled cabaret singer, Goulet made the world his lounge.

For a proper obit, visit the New York Times

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