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Richard Kern Goes to the Beach


Kerning: Richard Kern’s new photo book is one more reason to be glad it’s getting warm out there. [Coolhunting]

Two Gentlemen of Chambray: Secret Forts sits down with the pair behind Hickoree’s Hard Goods and the Hill Side. Interesting stuff. [Secret Forts]

The New Crop: Fourteen directors behind the latest music video renaissance. [Vulture]

We’ve Been Waiting: Our new favorite beer commercial stars Will Oldham and a notably unconvincing fake robot. It’s eleven minutes long, but it’s worth it. [The Awl]

2010’s Opening Number


It’s a new year, and while Carson Daly is beginning to bear an eerie resemblance to Dick Clark, it’s not all the same. If you happened to be huddled around a television Thursday night—quaint, we know—you may have been interrupted by the terrifying new Jay-Z video, “On to the Next One.” It’s a new year, all right…

Making a play for Kanye’s “Mad Bomber of Rap” crown, Hov piles up quick cuts, soundstage lighting circa ’96, and a genuinely unnerving amount of corpse makeup for a black-and-white spectacle of post-Gaga pop music. Trent Reznor might have something to say about its self-proclaimed freshness, but it’s certainly a long way from “Heart of the City,” and even farther from “Auld Lang Syne.” 2010 is in for some pretty wild dance parties.

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The Sound of Music


Dita Von Teese is following in the illustrious footsteps of Zooey Deschanel and Scarlett Johansson, and recording her own album, ominously titled “Manson, Pasties and Milky Skin.”

Of course, Ms. Von Teese came up through the burlesque circuit, so we imagine she knows her way around a tune…and can inspire any number of Brill Building types if her inspiration runs dry. We doubt she’ll have any trouble putting it together.

But with a title like that, we’re mostly looking forward to the videos.

Seen Your Video


The Fleet Foxes have started branching out into video and so far, the results are pretty good.

Their second video just landed on the internets, and like Radiohead before them, they’re taking the animated route, using the glass pane technique to create a four minutes of dancing papercraft. It’s definitely not what you’re used to seeing on TV (even by the standards of symbolic music video epics) but it’s only as strange as the music is, and in more or less the same way.

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Gone Fishin’


Radiohead have taken a crowd-friendly approach since In Rainbows hit filesharing networks in March, but while they made big news with the pay-what-you-want release and opening a few songs up to remixers, their video ambitions very nearly slipped under our radar.

Apparently the band partnered with aniBoom for a large-scale, crowd-sourced music video contest. The plan was to name a single grand prize winner and give them a hard-won $10,000 for their troubles, but the outpouring was strong enough that the band ended up bumping the number of winners up to four.

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