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The Five Gallery Shows to Visit on a Rainy Day

  • Najib Benouar


We’re headed into the lamb end of March, which means most of the Northern Hemisphere is beginning to feel the early stages of spring fever.

But that doesn’t mean the weather is going to cooperate with your every urge to get outdoors just yet—and our favorite way to weather the unexpectedly overcast weekend day: visit an art gallery.

Sure, it’s not exactly an idyllic picnic in the park, but you’re still getting all the benefits of a leisurely weekend stroll—salvaging any date plans that might have been rained on—and adding to your ever-expanding worldliness while you’re at it. So, to that end, we surveyed the spring exhibitions opening in a city near you (also: Hong Kong) and found the five you’ll want to know about the next time you need some last-minute shelter from the elements.

Bookmark this list for a rainy day (or any day artiness strikes).»

Marcella Sbraletta Is a Blanket Hog

  • Najib Benouar

Marcella Sbralettavia WBE

Sour Juice: Sports Illustrated goes deep on steroids in baseball—past the high-profile cases and headlines—to look at the dark shadow they’ve cast on an entire generation. Real talk. [SI]

To Lighten the Mood: The Muppets have just released their longest blooper reel ever. (They think.) [/Film]

Only in New York: What was once a freight elevator in a paper factory is now NYC’s newest museum. [CollabCubed]

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler: Eric Simmons secretly lived in AOL headquarters for two months and lives to tell the story. [CNET]

The Gentleman’s Guide to Art Theft

You’ve been seeing a lot of daring, eight-figure heists in the news lately, and it’s led you to one inescapable conclusion: it’s time to become an art thief.

And since you’ve already locked down the tools of the trade—dark suits, grappling hooks, etc.—we’ve scanned through the newswires and assembled a few essential tips for pulling off a suitably sophisticated burglary.

Watch out, Monte Carlo...

Three crucial tips for a successful heist»

Kempt Man of the Hour: Carlos Campos

carloscampos_crop.jpgvia GoaG

MOTHs do not live by suits alone.

This pic of Carlos Campos at the Museum of Arts and Design’s Metalball last week proves the point pretty well. It’s a little more West Coast than we’re used to, but we haven’t seen anyone wear a leather jacket this well in a good long while.

Naturally, context is everything. The jacket wouldn’t look half as good if it weren’t bouncing off that tie—which, you might notice, is just grazing the top of his belt buckle. Add in a touch of lime green from his shirt, and you’ve got an ensemble to be reckoned with.

Of course, throwing a cropped leather jacket over work clothes is a pretty old trick, but it’s old because it’s useful, and it helps if your work clothes are as great as these. You have your mission...

To the Letter


A well-made neon sign is a thing of beauty, even if they rarely make it into museums. But Berlin’s Buchstaben Museum corrects the injustice, to the delight of font nerds everywhere. The name translates to “Museum of Letters,” which is more or less what you’ll find inside: a glorious clutter of vintage signs, sourced from across Europe. Feast your eyes.

The Hall of Jackson


Our dreams of owning MJ’s sequined glove were dashed today as Jackson succeeded in blocking Julien Auction House from auctioning off a few of his more awesome personal effects. Instead, the slate of items will be exhibited and then possibly shipped off to form a kind of Michael Jackson museum.

We’re going to contain our excitement, except to say this: a museum would easily be the best thing M.J.’s done since Dangerous. Consider us first in line.

Leafing through the Julien catalogs is bizarre enough—gaudy, heartbreaking, and creepy by turns—but seeing the items in person would be nothing short of amazing. Race, celebrity, childhood traumas and interior design trends all get mixed together into one glorious nouveau riche trainwreck that should beat anything you’ll find in the MoMa.

At least until they open up their pop culture wing.

All the Bond You’ll Ever Need


Much like the classical corpus, the world’s supply of James Bond memorabilia requires constant attention to keep it preserved for future generations. Fortunately, these treasures have finally found a home.

A British collector named Peter Nelson has taken it upon himself (via Gizmodo)to catalog as much of 007’s gadgetry as possible, including Goldeneye’s Soviet tank, a handful of Aston Martins, and the titular golden gun. (And yes, for the curious, he did learn to drive the tank.)

Our verdict on Mr. Nelson’s labors»

Showing Muscle


The early 70s were a magical time, as all those Starsky & Hutch reruns can attest. And while the clothes, hairstyles, air quality, political leadership, and standards of hygiene may be a bit embarrassing in retrospect, there’s one thing that never disappoints: the cars.

Luckily, we’ll have a place to admire them all. Punta Gorda, FL is now the site of the confusingly named Muscle Car City Museum, with more than 200 muscle cars kept in spectacular working order. It’s a fascinating window into Detroit’s last great generation of automobiles, along with a decade worth of design innovations for anyone paying attention.

And we imagine they can drive pretty fast too.