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Icon: James Coburn

  • Geoff Rynex

Today we take on James Coburn, a pitch-perfect lesson in the power of walking around like you’ve got the secret.

Coburn was the guy who introduced McQueen to Ferraris. A guy who lampooned James Bond, intimidated the hell out of Bob Dylan and somehow ended up on the cover of Band on the Run over the course of a 70-film, Oscar-winning career.

He was a Hollywood tough guy in the golden era of the archetype. But he brought rakishness to the role that belied the menace, the cunning. At that point in the movie where a Bronson would simply scowl harder, where an Eastwood would chomp a little firmer on that toothpick, Coburn would turn a gloriously mustachioed glower into a Cheshire grin.»

Marcella Sbraletta Is a Blanket Hog

  • Najib Benouar

Marcella Sbralettavia WBE

Sour Juice: Sports Illustrated goes deep on steroids in baseball—past the high-profile cases and headlines—to look at the dark shadow they’ve cast on an entire generation. Real talk. [SI]

To Lighten the Mood: The Muppets have just released their longest blooper reel ever. (They think.) [/Film]

Only in New York: What was once a freight elevator in a paper factory is now NYC’s newest museum. [CollabCubed]

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler: Eric Simmons secretly lived in AOL headquarters for two months and lives to tell the story. [CNET]

The Reentry: January 30

It was an explosive weekend throughout the world: the revolution intensified in Syria, Mitt Romney finally jiggled Newt’s feathers in Florida, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy refuted a Fox reporter’s claim that their latest film pushed “a pro-environment, anti-capitalist agenda,” and Novak Djokovic ever-so-slightly defeated Rafael Nadal in the longest Grand Slam men’s singles final in history.

Here’s what they may have missed during the six-hour match...»

Evan Rachel Wood Got That Tattoo in the Navy

True Blue: The Midwest Style chaps return with an ode to the blue blazer. Their jeans aren’t so bad either. [The Midwest Style]

Just Add Lava: Dan Kois is taking ideas on how to fix the Oscars. The most promising so far: “Make It All Muppets.” We’d watch that. [Slate]

So Much Navajo: The Dutch mag tours the Rhinelander mansion, Ralph Lauren’s sprawling Manhattan flagship store. The pics are every bit as good as you’d think. [Tenue de Nîmes]

To Follow or Not to Follow: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about models on Tumblr. [Oyster Mag]

Lovely Dita, Banksy, and Barack’s Suits


The Talented Ms. Teese: A chat with everyone’s favorite anachronistic pinup. Burlesque lives! [BlackBook]

In the Kitchen: Versace goes after the muppet demographic. [Men.Style]

Banksy in New Orleans: For the first time, graffiti is used to rebuild a city. [PSFK]

Union Suit: Barack’s suit is from the same factory as Hickey Freeman…change we can believe in, indeed. [The Cut]