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The Six Panama Hats to Consider

  • Kempt Staff


We’ve sung the praises of the venerable Panama hat many times before.

And for good reason: it’s the nearest thing to a perfect specimen of warm-weather dapperness man may ever create. Which is why, every year around this time, we come back around to the trusty topper. And if you’re contemplating a new one, you’d do well to start here:

The six Panama hats to consider this summer, after the jump.»

Three Polos to Get You Through Summer

It never fails: the sun comes out, the coats go into storage...and pretty soon, we’re thinking of polo shirts. They’re a warm-weather classic for most of the Western Hemisphere, and for 2012, we’ve rounded up the three most important models, from the preppy to the fashion-forward, to help you attack the summer in style.

The three kinds of polos you’ll want to know this summer»

The Black Box


We’ve gotten lucky with the latest batch of smart phones, but don’t be fooled: Good-looking tech is in extremely short supply. And while external hard drives are finding their way onto more and more desks, this is the only one we’ve seen that won’t throw off your modernist feng shui.

LaCie has named it the Little Disk, but the design comes courtesy of British industrial designer Sam Hecht, moonlighting from his day job at Muji—which might explain the Japanese simplicity at work. Somewhere, Steve Jobs is drooling.

City Life


While iconic, the white handkerchief can begin to look downright unsanitary after it’s been through the wash a few times. We recommend something a bit more colorful…

This handkerchief comes from Muji’s recently unveiled online shop, and while we probably won’t have to find our way around Akasaka any time soon, we never mind having an extra map around. There are Paris, London and New York versions, but coming from Muji, Tokyo seems like the appropriate choice.

Provided you can keep from sneezing on the palace grounds.

On the Table


People tend not to talk about it outside of design school, but there’s a symmetry between the way things look and the way we use them. Some chairs want you to relax, but others want you to pay attention. Some tables look like they want coffee cups but others want laptops.

This one, on the other hand, looks like it’s ready to design a skyscraper for you. We haven’t been much impressed by Muji, but after this, we’re coming around.

Turning Japanese


Hysteria! Loud noises!—Muji!Muji! Muji! Muji and more Muji! Blogs and buyers alike have been waiting with oddly baited breath (what, did Muji invest in Racked or something) for the opening of the minimalist lifestyle supplier to open up on Broadway and Grand. On Friday, the Muji-hideen got their chance to peruse the pop-up-store-sized version of what one customer termed the, "Ikea of Japan." That evening, we nudged our way through the ironically high number of Japanese tourists to see what the maker of our favorite business card case might offer for the Kempt man. While the pickings were few among the tasteful eggshell teapots, there were a few bargains for the taking. More on Muji…