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The Stat Sheet: Made in Lieu Denim Sweatshirt

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve just stumbled upon the best-looking use for an old pair of jeans this side of jorts: this denim sweatshirt from NYC-based Made in Lieu.

Here’s what else you need to know.

The Story: A couple of enterprising New Yorkers began snapping up leftover denim from some of your favorite jean companies and turning it into some incredibly durable sweatshirts. Hence, the birth of Made in Lieu. (They’re also repurposing flannel shirt scraps now.)

Who to Channel: Muhammad Ali on a jog in Zaire; a Canadian tuxedo gone even more informal; not a Spears-era Justin Timberlake.

When to Wear It: Throw one of these on anytime you might wear your favorite gray sweatshirt—over an oxford cloth button-down, under a blazer or just as an extra layer on the weekend.

Other Things You Can Do with Old Jeans: Make denim quilts; tie the legs around your shoulders and wear the jeans like a short cape; cut out the waistband and one back pocket to create a beer holster; cut them into strips to create an escape rope or an Etsy shop; make a scarecrow.

Find yourself in the happy medium between these two looks of Ali and JT.»

Style Icons Rallying for Civil Rights

  • Najib Benouar

The civil rights movement was born out of an ugly time in US history, but we’ll be damned if it didn’t make for some good-looking protesters.

With the always-impeccable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leading the way, a sea of crisp suits, skinny ties and Wayfarers led our country into equality. In honor of the great man and movement, we dug through the archives and were surprised to find a handsome lot of style icons also heading up the charge for civil rights—a veritable who’s who of impossibly cool gentlemen—everyone from Brando and Newman to Belafonte, Dylan and Davis Jr. Hell, even Charlton Heston got in on the action. It’s as if somehow impassioned, selfless endeavoring has a way of adding an extra layer of dapperness—not to mention being on the right side of history.

Now presenting: A Pictorial Demonstration of Style Icons Rallying for Civil Rights.»

Rihanna Has No Use for Blankets

The Greatest: In honor of Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday, here’s the legendary Sports Illustrated profile, circa 1975. [Sports Illustrated]

Gears of Time: The Times catches up with one of the master watch repairmen of the Diamond District. When Sotheby’s needs a watch fixed, this is who they call. [NYTimes]

The Pope of Staten Island: The Street Etiquette chaps profile Kevin Stewart, a designer/musician/painter you may have seen in a few lookbooks. [Street Etiquette]

Deep Blue: A look at Baldwin Denim’s capsule setup, courtesy of Alexander Grant. [Alexander Grant]

Ready to Rumble


Unless you’ve got an unusually thorough sports calendar, you may have missed one of the most important boxing anniversaries on the books. 35 years ago today, Muhammad Ali and George Foreman converged on Zaire for the Rumble in the Jungle—cementing Ali’s legend and unleashing Don King on a more or less unsuspecting public.

In honor of the occasion, New York’s No Mas is taking a break from their usual diet of vintage-styled tees to produce a trio of animated shorts about the Rumble, including a spirited faceoff between Ali and a jumpsuited James Brown. Using live radio transcripts, audio collage and oil paints, it might be as close to the feeling of the real thing as we can get…at least on the internet.

See the videos»

The Antiseptic Stings like a Bee


Usually, we’re against novelty in anything you might actually need to work—a list that includes first aid kits, condoms and coffee-makers—but it’s also true that just about everything is better with a picture of Muhammad Ali on it. Call it a reminder: There’s no shame in taking a few hits in the line of duty.