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Bar Refaeli Is on a Tightrope

  • Kempt Staff

Unfair Isle: Drake’s fall lookbook has landed on Selectism and it’s all rakishly on-point as usual.[Selectism]

The ’90s Epitomized: MTV has just uploaded their archive of the House of Style, hosted by Cindy Crawford and frequented by Duran Duran and Will Smith. [MTV]

Now for Some Actual Onscreen Style: GQ has edited a supercut of the 25 most stylish movies of all time. Enjoy. [GQ]

Joining Us via Satellite: If you’re not going to make it to Lollapalooza next weekend, 48 bands’ shows will be webcast. Here’s the virtual lineup. [SPIN]

The Wisdom of George Lois

George Lois’s brain is an interesting place.

Over the past 50 years, he’s spawned too many pop culture flash points to count—everything from the iconic ’60s Esquire covers to “I Want My MTV.” Now he’s pouring out a lifetime of hard-ass wisdom (including an unusually vicious attack on Don Draper) in a 192-page tome titled Damn Good Advice. And since the book won’t be out until March, we thought we’d pass along some of the best lines. Get inspired, gentlemen...

Hear the wisdom of George Lois»

Brigitte Bardot is Auctioning Her Towel

Brigitte Bardotvia Driven

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Johnny Depp on Hunter S. Thompson, who apparently was pretty quick with a cattle prod. [The Daily Beast]

A Man with a Movie Camera: Tommy Ton gets his close-up in this video, which follows the man through the fashion week hustle. [Life + Times]

The Man Behind Beavis: Vice sits down with Mike Judge on the eve of the revived Beavis and Butt-Head. [Vice]

Stop, Motion: Check out Spike Jonze’s latest project, a hallucinatory, mildly NSFW stop-motion short. [The Atlantic Wire]

Nora Tschirner Is Not Finished with Her Smoke Break

You Can Never Have Too Much Seersucker: Jace Lipstein previews his own upcoming Dickies collection. Not bad, we must say. [Grungy Gentleman]

Love Potion No. 9: An intrepid female reporter tries out oxytocin supplements (aka “The Cuddle Drug”) and narrowly escapes a sexual harassment suit. [The Daily]

Out of the Past: Remember those animated shorts MTV used to play in the early ’90s? Now they’re all here. [/Film]

Going Deep: Andy Samberg and Ben Stiller stage a battle of the deep V-necks. Needless to say, it’s not pretty. [Hulu]

Rebecca Hall Has Plans for that Table

Ash and Smoke: A fond farewell to the man who made the cigar what it is today—Edgar Cullman of Macanudo. [NYTimes]

The Dance Off: Critical thoughts on the bizarre pageant that was the VMAs. That was easily the second-worst thing Chris Brown has ever done. [Vulture]

The Illustrious Return: GQ arrives with the second half of Ian Velardi’s victory lap, spring and summer. The jumpsuit may look familiar… [GQ]

Well Chosen: If you’re in New York, you may want to stop by this Scoop sale for up to 80% off finds like Etro and Shipley & Halmos. [The Choosy Beggar]

Helmut Newton Is Into Instant Gratification

  • Najib Benouar

It All Began With Pomp And Circumstance: Bill Simmons extols the virtues of the entrance song in professional wrestling. And lists the top 12 of all time. [Grantland]

An Article About Nothing: And about comparing Seinfeld to Kafka. [Splitsider]

The War Is Not Over: Vulture recounts the many battles film studios have waged by making the exact same movies and releasing them simultaneously. Apparently the Prestige and the Illusionist were two different movies. [Vulture]

MTV Regains A Bit Of Street Cred: The rumors are true. The braced one and the cornholio make their triumphant return. [Pitchfork]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Donald Glover

mothdonaldglover_crop.jpgvia Gawker

It’s hard to host a party. You want everyone to enjoy themselves, which means keeping track of dozens of little details, but it also means having fun yourself. And if your guests happen to be a crowd of cred-obsessed, possibly shrooming college kids, you also don’t want to come off like a square.

The answer, courtesy of Donald Glover, is to wear a tie. He hosted MTVu’s Woodie Awards at SXSW this past week, in an outfit remarkably similar to an i-banker at happy hour. Granted, the tie’s a little longer than we'd like (that’s what he gets for loosening it on the fly), but otherwise it’s just about perfect: sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow and repp stripe just playful enough to feel young.

It’s still a suit, but he’s done everything possible to dress it down. And if you scan the crowd, there’s no mistaking who’s in charge of the show.

MTV’s Glory Days


You might not remember, but MTV was once a pretty exciting place. (We’re a little foggy on it ourselves.) Something about the convergence of grunge, the first flush of cable and the timeless rock-star cool made for one of the more exciting spots on TV. But we're pretty sure they still had cubicles.

This short from The State sums it up quite nicely, and after their spectacular flameout on the network, they should know better than almost anyone. They’ve been dropping vintage video clips onto their Vimeo page all week to promote their newly dropped DVD, but nothing sums up the flightly hipness and frustration better than the sketch that starts halfway through. Just skip through until you see the intern chuckling nervously, too worried to say what he really thinks of his boss.

Naturally, it never found its way onto MTV’s site…

See the short»

Claire Danes is a September Girl


Top of the World: Claire Danes is the cover girl for BlackBook’s monstrous September issue. [SwipeLife]

Radio, Radio: comes to HD radio, aimed at the lucrative market of people who have HD radios but not computers. [Epicenter]

Robot Apologists: Gizmodo lists eight of their favorite robots dedicated to menial jobs. This will earn them no favors when the revolution comes. [Gizmodo]

We’re Going to Go Listen to the Phonograph: Apparently there’s something called the VMAs happening this Sunday? On some kind of musical television? [Vulture]

The Music Lovers


MTV just launched the web-video branch of its empire, with its whole archive available to stream and embed for bored office workers and link-happy bloggers everywhere. They're still ironing out the kinks—meaning half the videos will simply refuse to load—and it has the same problems MTV has always had (too mainstream, too much R&B, nothing by the Buzzcocks) but it’s worth spending a few minutes digging the archives.

At least, if you have a set of headphones handy…

A few of the highlights, according to Kempt»

Justice for Sale, Diddy on Film and Charney Gives it to L.A.


For Whom The Bell Tolls: Kristen Bell twice in one week? What? You got a problem with that? [FHM]

Den and Geller: Kempt fave Robert Geller opens at Odin's satellite store. [Men.Style]

Can I Turn it Up for You?: Always classy that Dov Charney. [AnimalNY]

Pay it Forward: Got an extra, unused suit? Pass it on. [EarthTimes]

Get Ready to D.A.N.C.E.: Justice's new clothing line is just as hip and French as you might expect. [Stereogum]

Deal Alert: Yoko Devereaux springwear starting tomorrow. [Racked]

COS Play: Monocle takes a hard look at H+M's new branch line and the takes the temperature of European retail. [Monocle]

Rock and Roll Will Never Die: Except when it does. Hey, maybe you kids should have been out there protesting, say, three years ago. [Gothamist]

Where's Waris?: You ask. We've already delivered. [A Continuous Lean]

The Man Who Would Be King: P Diddy's fashion week documentary about his quest for LOVE! INSPIRATION! and REBELLION! and style's CROWN! was so MIND-CRUSHINGLY AWESOME! that we couldn't watch more than 12 seconds of it. [NYMag]