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Icon: Fred “Mr.” Rogers

  • Geoff Rynex
Icon: Fred “Mr.” Rogers

Roughly 85% of the time you describe someone as “nice,” you’re saying nothing. You can’t think of a more colorful adjective that describes the person. Either you don’t know them all that well or you don’t think on it too hard. It doesn’t matter. Fred Rogers was nice. He was nice in a meaningful, sincere way. He might have been the nicest man to ever grace a television. And that signature sweater/trouser/sneaker combo of his has, against all odds, stood the test of time.

Mr. Rogers, ladies and gentlemen, is a style icon.

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue


Pastel can be effective, if used sparingly, and it’s worth having a few lighter items in your closet. But we wouldn’t start with baby blue pants. In fact, we’d stay away from these entirely.

Corduroy is pretty twee to begin with, and coloring it like a baby blanket pushes it past McSweeneys into manchild territory. We’ve got nothing against Mr. Rogers—in fact, we regard him as the unspoken pioneer of the cardigan—but even the most unimpeachably masculine among us would have trouble pulling this off.

Everyone ages out of looks, but the cutoff for this is probably somewhere around puberty.

Vandals, Liars, Jokers and Dividers


Easy Marc: Fake Marc Jacobs ads come from real jokers. [Forbes]

The Great Divide: H+M line *Divided* opens it's first standalone store in the English-speaking world. No news yet on a US location. [Vogue UK]

Monarchist Republic: In other Brit boutique news, The Banana Republic opens it's first store in England. No news yet on a US location. [Telegraph UK]

Vandalism: We might just have to break some windows and steal these new Raf Simons boots. [Hypebeast]

"From Caped Crusaders to Hoodies": Sounds like Middle School to us. No, seriously, read on. [WSJ]

Board Liar: Some clever jasper was fronting like he was a board member of the Gucci Group. Why didn't we think of that? Might have had something to do with 20 years of hard time. [DNRNews]

Fred's Flair: Are you properly dressed for Fred Rogers Sweater Day? [Huffington Post]

Fashion Police: India has banned "Fashion Television" (which, frankly, we thought had been cancelled years ago). Next time you're watching models traipsing down a runway on the tube, just remember how lucky you are to be an American. [MeriNews]

Keith's Regimen and Fashion's National Anthem


A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood: Please join us on March 20th by wearing a sweater in honor of Mr. Rogers, won't you? [AP]

Teenage Wasteland: Okay! Enough with the Cory Kennedy already. [Everyone, Everywhere]

Man of Letters: Original preppie king, Goldwater Conservative and trad icon William F. Buckley grabs a wing chair in that great club room in the sky. [Observer]

Theme Song: Remember Rock&Roll? Their new tribute to Milan Fashion week is called, "Coke Freaks and Fashion Whores." Sounds right to us. [WWD]

"You'll Never Go Wrong Dressing Plain and Dull": This only works when running for national office. Otherwise, feel free to dress like a Somali elder. [Chicago Tribune]

The Keith Richards Workout: "For me, doing a Rolling Stones show for two hours a night, that's enough f***in' exercise, you know? Then I've got to go to bed with the old lady, bonka bonka. You know?" We know, Keef. We know. [Digital Spy]

Simple Statutes: Oh, sorry, did we forget to post Esquire's New Laws of Casual Style? Here, let's fix that. [Esquire]