Je Le Lis Pour Les Articles: Naughty, naughty Amy
Odell loves French Playboy almost as much as we do. [ href="">NYMag]

Whew, That Was Close: For one horrid moment we
thought George Clooney was about to join the celebrity-clothing-line
craze. Thank God for hoaxes and hearsay. [ href="">WWD]

Flip Floppers: Desperately fashionable Men.Style
reverses its position on mocks – looses several key superdelegates.

Against The Grain: Sit down with out-of-the-box
outerwear makers Wood Wood. [ href="">The Pop

Dapper Don: Mr. Mort shows the Ivy League how it’s
done. [A
Continuous Lean

Free Tibet: A strangely eloquent protest you can wear
to the gym. [V

Advantage, You: If nothing else, at least you can
beat Andy Roddick at Wii. We’re sure the girls will be impressed. [ href="">]

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