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Name That Naked Upper Lip

  • Kempt Staff


You probably couldn’t put your finger on it at first, but a there was something a bit different about a few of your coworkers in the office this morning…

That’s right, they finally shaved that mustache they’d been growing last month for Movember. And to celebrate the bazaaro-world moment of a freshly removed stache, we’re challenging you to figure out which of the following famously mustachioed upper lips have been shorn to nakedness.

So, step right up and play a little game we like to call, “Name. That. Naked. Upper. Lip.”»

Movember, Circa 1947

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve seen a sharp rise in the semiserious celebration of the mustache—from finger tattoos, to the charitable monthlong growing contest known as Movember—and all this time we thought it was a relatively new phenomenon...

Until we stumbled upon this cache of photos from the inaugural meeting of the “Handlebar Club” at London’s Windmill Theatre. In 1947. That’s right, a slapstick crew of mustachioed men began a club dedicated to mustaches (beards strictly disallowed) nearly 70 years ago. They even went so far as to print mustaches on their silk ties (somebody write that idea down). Not to mention, it’s a surprisingly handsome lot of hirsute upper lips—which we’ll assume took longer than a month to grow.

And now, seven more photos of the pioneering men who dedicated themselves to the art of mustache celebration well before any of us thought of it...»

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Out With The Pink, In With The ‘Mo’

Maybe it’s because there were five Sundays in October (NFL’s breast cancer awareness month), but it’s hard to remember a time when professional football players weren’t wearing pink.

It’s an important cause. Women should get yearly mammograms. Men should help them do so. We’re totally on board.

It’s just… well, after five weeks of our supposedly fearsome football stars looking (and in some cases playing) like Barbie dolls, we’re thrilled that Movemeber – a month in which mustaches are grown to raise awareness for men’s health issues – is upon us.

That said, our first nominee for Movember Athlete of the Month is not in the NFL…»

Turning the Corner

One of these things is not like the others.

Two of these mustaches are perfectly respectable Schwartzman-esque lip coverings, happy to live out Movember with respect for their coworkers and deference to the state.

The third one (that’s him on the left) has turned the corner of the lips and is making a break for the border of the chin, where he will buy a motorcycle and make a living selling opium to tourists. And when the month of mustache ends, he might just decide to stick around.

Choose wisely.

Formal Dress Required

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