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Textured plastic has taken over almost all of our work-based accoutrements, so it’s nice when we can take on back. Think of a metal fountain pen, a canvas notebook—or an optical mouse carved entirely out of wood, right down to the USB plug. Of course, you won’t be able to pick it up for less than a thousand dollars…but it’s a fair price for spending all day handling ebony.

The Mouse that Roared


Computer peripherals tend to be a bit lacking in the way of design sense, but there’s always the exception...

This brushed steel optical mouse from VAIO is one of the better-looking pieces of computer equipment we’ve seen so far, at least among those without an apple on them. And given the amount of time you spend moving a mouse around each day, it’s worth it to get one with a bit of style to it.

Unfortunately, like most enviable gadgets, at the moment you’ll only find it in Japan.