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This Year’s Rapper


Theophilus London has been popping up a lot lately—most recently in this month’s Interview, looking like a 21st century Reverend Run. (We’re particularly digging the airplane pin.) His first LP won’t be out until June, but he’s already hitting the print and endorsement circuit pretty hard.

The style isn’t all for show either. He’s currently juggling endorsements from both Gucci, Bushmill’s and Mountain Dew, which requires some pretty serious triangulation. That means looking good in a fashion spread, a leather jacket and a t-shirt depending on the occasion. But for a guy who managed to bring Elvis Costello and Smiths references to the mixtape scene, it shouldn't be too hard.

It turns out hopping between looks isn’t just fashion anymore. It’s a bonafide business skill.

Chinese CGI, Madison Avenue, and Hot Buttered Soul


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