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The French Perfecto

  • Najib Benouar

The leather motorcycle jacket might seem a little risky—yet, if done right, you’ll spend the rest of fall wrapped in a warm, Brando-esque glow.

And perhaps even some of winter, thanks to this shearling-lined moto jacket from the newly released capsule collection from A.P.C. and leather jacket guru Louis W. Consider it the French translation of Schott’s Perfecto jacket (worn famously by Brando, Dean and other greaser-pioneers), so it’s a bit trimmer and more minimalist, with blue shearling lining, and probably better suited for a sidewalk café than the open highway.

You’ve already put your hog in storage till next summer anyhow...

Miranda Kerr’s Got Horsepower

  • Kempt Staff

Post-Toga: Details runs down the good, bad and ugly in Olympian style from 1935 to present. [Details]

Easy Riding: Outside maps out the four must-ride motorcycle routes on earth. [Outside]

’80s Ladies: The Trad’s ode to the women of 1987 (a particularly good vintage, we hear). [The Trad]

LeDuffing It: Writer and Detroit native Charlie LeDuff gets to know his city better by golfing across town (from 8 Mile to Belle Isle) in 2,000 strokes. [Complex]

Tanya Katysheva Is Changing a Lightbulb

  • Najib Benouar

Reid This: Valet sits down with Southern gent Billy Reid to get some wisdom on staying cool in the face of summer heat. [Valet]

Brass Tacks: Put This On, champion of the menswear everyman, gets down to the basics of your wardrobe at every price point. [PTO]

Better Than Being There: Watch a time-lapse of San Francisco celebrating the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge with an insane fireworks show.[Gizmodo]

Horsepowering Around: Just a couple of guys driving Russian sidecar motorcycles through the Cascades... [Gear Patrol]

Elizabeth Olsen Has No Depth Perception

A Gentleman’s Guide to Florence: Lawrence Schlossman breaks down Florentine retail for all budgets. If you can afford the flight, there are plenty of good deals to be had. [Sartorially Inclined]

Adrenaline Rush of the Day: A brave man on a motocross bike motors along the top of a mountain—and survives. Breathtaking in the best way. [Autoblog]

Steve McQueen Was a Slick Bastard: Further evidence for the coolest man who ever lived. [Driven]

Singing Blues: A fitting send-off for Etta James, who passed away this morning. [Open Culture]

Touring the Web’s Newest Storefront

Web boutiques have been popping up like daisies lately, but we’d like to single out a shop called Builtwell that opened up last week and immediately shot to the top of our list.

It’s a jumble of brands like Tellason, Garbstore and 18Waits, together with company profiles and Art of Manliness-style nostalgia. You could spend a whole afternoon exploring the site—but since you’re busy, we’ve rounded up the three coolest things below.

A leather bag, a motorcycle and James Dean’s pea coat, after the jump»

Finally, A Tumblr Devoted to Sideboob

Biking Through Italy: Michael Williams shares photos from a motorcycle tour of Italy in 1953. The Alps are beautiful, as always. [A Continuous Lean]

Perhaps I’ve Shared Too Much: Our culture of overshare reaches its apotheosis with a personal essay about deciding not to write a personal essay about something. [Gawker]

Take It on the Road: Aether has opened up a pop-up shop in an Airstream trailer, and they’re taking it from town to town, like the functional outerwear equivalent of the Grateful Dead. [Valet]

From Way Back When: Also, the new Levi’s Vintage Clothing website is pretty sharp. [Levi’s Vintage Clothing]

Nimue Smit is Summoning a Vodka Tonic and a Chair

Project Wooster is Go: Michael Williams takes a tour of Nick Wooster’s latest creation. Todd Snyder’s looking pretty, pretty, pretty good. [A Continuous Lean]

Know The Enemy: An earnest plea for the end of five-finger shoes in non-jogging settings. Unfortunately, we suspect this conspiracy goes all the way to the top. [Zulkey]

Two Wheels: Driven digs up a 1937 Bonham’s motorbike, coming up for auction September 10th. [Driven]

Man at Work: A look at Lewis Lapham’s office, desk and pocket square. All three are extremely well chosen. [Work in Progress]

Dusting Off: The Sidecar

The Sidecar

As connoisseurs of history, we sometimes find styles, habits and turns of phrase from the past that we wouldn’t mind bringing back to the present, Doc Brown-style. This time around, we’re dusting off the sidecar.

You should never be afraid to pick up a passenger or two.

So much as we admire the solitary drive of the motorcycle, we have to admit, it’s missing something. A place for a navigator, or a passenger who doesn’t have to cling to your back all the way through Nebraska. Room for company—otherwise known as a sidecar.

It’s a charming item we’d like to dust off…»

Amanda Seyfried’s Photoshoot Has Been Disrupted by Mice


But Not Really: Amanda Seyfried conducts a nude interview with Justin Timberlake. In light of that fact, the pictures are somewhat disappointing. [Interview]

Good News for Alan Rickman: In honor of yesterday’s holiday, Esky casts all the notable presidents with vaguely sinister actors. [Esquire]

A Thought For Your Pennies: Mister Crew performs some guerilla un-branding: scratching the logo off his Ray Bans with a penny. [Mister Crew]

The Voyage Home: The final leg of that well-dressed motorcycle voyage. Handsome stuff. [Apropos Foto]

Mila Kunis is Riding a Yeti

Cross Dressing: A blogger comes forward with his style secret: wearing women’s ballet socks under boat shoes for a sockless look. The internet at large has yet to heartlessly ridicule him. Well played all around. [A Trip Down South]

Against Food: B. R. Myers has had enough of foodies. We’ll believe him when he pledges to eat nothing but porridge. [The Atlantic]

There Goes Sunday: Criterion comes to Hulu Plus with 400 Blows and a mind-blowing number of Zatoichi movies. [Criterion]

Saddle Up A photoessay of a motorcycle ride to San Quentin. [Apropos Foto]

Easy Riding


Electric cars are great in theory, but with the possible exception of Tesla, the tech has yet to produce anything that could be called “badass.” At least, until now.

This three-wheeler, welded together by metal artisan Josh Hadar, is a step in the right direction. At the moment it’s the only one in existence, and it tops out at a barely-street-legal 45 mph…but it’s still just about the coolest electric vehicle we’ve seen so far. Captain America would be proud.