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Style Icons and Their Mothers

  • Kempt Staff

Mother's Day

Here’s your last reminder that Sunday is Mother’s Day, gentlemen.

And to kick off the weekend of maternal appreciation right, we turn to some of our favorite style icons for some dapper inspiration on how to get into the spirit of filial gratitude...

With this handsome montage of style icons hanging out with their mothers.»

Don’t Forget Your Mother


With the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo coming up this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, respectively), it’s easy to overlook that Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

Exactly 11 days around the corner, that is.

So before the juleps and margaritas set in, and it slips your mind to get a card for the woman who birthed you, we recommend you check out the selection at Terrapin Stationers. Perhaps you want to thank Mom for her genes. Or maybe you just want to tell her that she doesn’t suck. That’s your call. We just suggest that you do it on handsome, 70lb, beautifully engraved stock.

That way, she’ll have to forgive you for those angsty teenage years.

Elizabeth Banks Just Loves Mother’s Day

  • Najib Benouar

And So Does GQ: To celebrate, they’ve put together a comprehensive slideshow of mothers who’ve graced their pages. A beautiful tribute. [GQ]

To Match Your Spring Socks: On the heels of our spring “ditch the wool for cotton” sock roundup, Valet gives cardigans the same treatment. Good stuff. [Valet]

Still Learning: One man’s journey back to his prep school reunion teaches him (and us in the process) that reality and menswear’s current loud-plaids-and-green-pants vision of the look don’t exactly match up. [Esquire]

Your Mother’s Day Reading: If you’ve looked at a newsstand recently, you probably gave the exposed-left-breast-ed Time cover a double take. Here’s the story behind that. [Time]

Let the Wild Rumpus Never End

  • Najib Benouar

RIP, Maurice: We’ve lost one of the most celebrated authors of our time, Mr. Maurice Sendak—our childhood wouldn’t have been the same without him. The Times looks back on his remarkable legacy. [NYTimes]

Return to Sendak: Another fitting tribute to Mo would be to watch his two-part Colbert Report interview. Things get tense, they huff markers, classic Sendak stuff here. [The Colbert Report]

Bespoke and Mirrors: The Wall Street Journal looks into the troubling overuse of the word “bespoke” and the continuing erosion of the term’s meaning. [WSJ]

Hey, Ma: Just in case you’d like something more to go along with our Mother’s Day card suggestion, this Esquire list of 50 gift ideas ought to work. [Esquire]

The Thought That Counts

  • Najib Benouar

A quick reminder that Mother’s Day is next Sunday. If you weren’t just caught off guard by that revelation, you’re probably the type who’s already hunted down the perfect bauble or called in an order of her favorite scented lotion. Congrats, you’ve got “son of the year” in the bag, again. Everyone else: here’s your answer, courtesy of the renegade print-pressers at Terrapin Stationers. It’s tastefully engraved with a golden rose on the front flap, and your well-thought-out sentiments inside. Wrap up a bouquet to match, and don’t be late to brunch.

All of a sudden, you’re giving “son of the year” a run for his money.

Paz De La Huerta is Exposing Herself to a Fern

Love Italian Style: Scott Schuman runs down the essentials of Italian style, for the benefit of British readers. Immediately after this piece was published, he got in a knife fight with both Gieves and Hawkes. [GQ UK]

Yet More Italian Style: The latest sun-baked lookbook from Brunello Cucinelli. [Die, Workwear]

Hi, Mom: An adorable photoset featuring the Style Blogger and his mom. Gentlemen: if you run a personal style blog, and you didn’t do this, you might be a bad son. [The Style Blogger]

Sack Up, Ho: An illustrated history of the feed sack. Rural style, personified. [Etsy]