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Man of the Hour: Julian Edelman

  • Kempt Staff
Man of the Hour: Julian Edelman

Today was the Patriots’ victory parade, and the gents from our Boston bureau alerted us to the following...

While most attendees and honorees showed up in baggy sweatpants and oversize jerseys, wide receiver Julian Edelman showed up in slim-fitting gray pants, suede sneakers, a white V-neck, wayfarers and an unbuttoned cardigan with artfully pushed-up sleeves. 

Add to that a slick new haircut, the full-term playoff beard and his Ferris Bueller–esque antics atop his duck boat, and we couldn’t help but honor him as Man of the Hour. (Albeit somewhat begrudgingly from the non-Pats-fans.)

Check out the MOTH in action, after the jump:

The 10 Most Stylish Moments of 2014

  • Kempt Staff


As we bring 2014 to a close, we would be remiss not to take stock of all the stylish moments we witnessed over the past 12 months...

There were flashes of brilliance in Cannes, Brazil, Venice, wherever it was that Joe Biden stopped in for that epically stylish cone of ice cream and more...

And we narrowed it down to these 10 most stylish moments of 2014, in no particular order...»

Man of the Hour: James Middleton

  • Kempt Staff


No, Jude Law didn’t manage to sneak his way into the Royal Box at Wimbledon today...

The man next to Pippa is the one Middleton who doesn’t get much shine on this side of the pond: their brother, James.

But with the combination of that beard and blogger-blue suit, he just might be the next style icon to emerge from the royal set. It’s as good as anything you’re seeing from Paris and Milan right now, and he’s just going about his business. Which includes hobnobbing with the likes of Lady Mary Crawley. He finished the mostly blue palette with a pair of dark suede lace-ups and that burgundy tie. Not a bad look to crib for the many public appearances you’ll be making this summer.

Here’s a better look, after the jump.»

Men of the Hour: Team Italy

  • Najib Benouar

061214_Italy-Brazil-SuitsThis isn’t the first time we’ve championed dressing up for a flight, and it won’t be the last, but here’s a perfect example of what we mean...

You’re looking at the Italian National Team stepping off their flight to Brazil for the World Cup. In three-piece suits.

It’s one dapper sight to behold, and unlike Team USA who, naturally, opted for sweatpants—okay, it wasn’t that bad, they wore sleek, Nike-issued warm-ups—the Italians look like they’ve dressed for the occasion. Because it’s not just about getting to the tourney, it’s about arriving on the grandest of world stages and looking like you’re supposed to be there—before even stepping foot on the pitch.

In fact, it looks a lot like their buttoned-up style of play, dubbed catenaccio

Man of the Hour: Bryan Cranston

  • Najib Benouar


Most of the red-carpet style chatter centers around Hollywood, but there was some serious style on display from the Broadway set at last night’s Tony Awards.

And for the most part, everyone kept it on the straight and narrow—not a bad thing when it comes to traditional formal dress—but there was one slight departure we could get behind: Bryan Cranston’s dotted bow tie. It’s the sort of subtle swagger that nabs you the Anthony for best actor. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Have a better look at his getup, after the jump.»

Man of the Hour: James McAvoy

  • Najib Benouar


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the Cannes Film Festival always seems to turn up some of the best style moments.

And the latest example happened just over the weekend...

Kempt Man of the Hour, James McAvoy, please take a bow.

This is exactly how you Cannes-ify a three-piece suit—the one in question here is a Burberry number: keep the look buttoned-up until you hit the collar and ditch the tie. A Mediterranean backdrop and a starlet on your arm also helps.

Have a closer look at James McAvoy’s Cannes style, after the jump.»

Man of the Hour: Clint Eastwood

  • Najib Benouar

Clint Eastwood

Over the weekend, the Pebble Beach golf course held its annual pro-am tournament featuring a who’s who of bold-faced names in sports and entertainment: John Daly, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, Jeb Bush, Kenny G... the list goes on.

But the brightest star of the weekend was undoubtedly Clint Eastwood—because he saved a man’s life.

Allow us to set the scene of how Dirty Harry sprang into action and why we’re bestowing MOTH honors upon the gritty octogenarian...»