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January, Patrick, and Kate


Calendar Girl: Mad Men’s January Jones hits GQ UK (or is it GQUK?) looking anglophilic as ever. [SwipeLife]

Down Pat: Patrik Ervell breaches the magical world of glossy print ads. [Refinery29]

War and Heels: Like Napoleon before him, Alexander McQueen is stalled in his conquest of Moscow. [The Independent]

The All-Water Diet: Kate Moss plans a cookbook, based on her several encounters with food. [FashionIndie]

The Sleeping Bear


Speaking of far-flung style outposts, Fred Perry recently opened up an eastern flagship in Moscow, and it’s one of the best store designs we’ve seen in quite some time.

Of course, Moscow has seen better days, so the Fred Perry folks dig into the seedy past of the Eastern capital with oriental rugs and a secret exposed-brick shoe lounge. It’s not bad for the most British Brand on Earth, especially since one doesn’t usually associate Fred Perry with this level of luxury. But Muscovites might be too canny to buy into it.

Nice digs are always good, but we’re guessing they’re more used to getting those briefcases off a street corner.

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Russian Roulette

  • Jared Paul Stern


Back by popular demand—the latest installment in our series of pulchritudinous pairings, because two is sometimes so much better than one. This snap comes to us all the way from Moscow and a private dinner following megabucks gallerist Larry Gagosian's new contemporary art show in a former chocolate factory.

Our delectable duo is of course Russian. On the left is supermodel Natalia Vodianova best known for her Calvin Klein campaigns and countless others; on the right, Dasha Zhukova, girlfriend of free-spending billionaire oligarch Roman Abramovich who's launching her own well-financed foray into the art world. No doubt she was just there to pick up a little something by Jeff Koons or Takashi Murakami.

Grab Your Hoodie, It's A Very Athletic Wednesday


Love All: One of the few eligible bachelors with a 155 mph serve is engaged to S.I. swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker, which is a solid excuse for us to run pictures of her. Thanks, Andy. [ESPN]

Tailgate Party: In other sporting news, this is how 24-year-old, Heisman-winning, multimillionaire starting NFL quarterback Matt Leinart rolls. How 'bout you, Brah? [Sunday Morning QB]

Local Uni-Watch: New York readers may have a chance to check out the Blue Jay's new powder-blue throwbacks today and tomorrow. Still, no one's got more baller style than this guy. [ESPN]

Swapping Spit: In the grand Gallic tradition of poor public hygiene, several Frenchmen invaded Manhattan and attempted to set a world record for kissing. Gross, right? [Fleshbot]

In The Hood: Blue-eyed, honey-blond men's fashion blogger, Amanda Brooks, finds style and substance in the lowly hoodie. [Men's Vogue]

???????????!: Moscow Fashion Week just doesn't translate to Western style - but God bless them Ruskies for trying. [YouTube]

Chinese Take Out: With its increased high-end offerings, improved manufacturing techniques (not to mention its low valuation of human sweat) China is poised to take on Italy in the luxe suit game. [WSJ]