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Sponsored Post: Monster Inspiration Headphones

  • Kempt Staff

Right about now is the perfect time to escape the stagnant heat of summer in favor of a cool sea breeze and cabana service. Most likely you’ve upgraded most of your travel gear (handsome luggage, lightweight travel blazer, pocket square that can be used as flotation device), but there’s probably one oversight you’ve made: the headphones.

They might be the single most important thing in your carry-on. A pair of sleek, noise-canceling headphones like the Monster Inspiration fit the bill—especially if any airplane chatter dares to interfere with your regularly scheduled Black Keys Appreciation Hour.

They’ve got all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from the high-tech headphone game—inline quick-control remote, microphone—and the kind of powerful, crisp, high-def audio that you’ve got to hear to believe (or you can just trust us, they sound amazing). Plus, the interchangeable headband comes in a number of colors that you can swap in whenever you feel the need to match your headphones to your socks.

Which will be pretty often, we’ll assume.