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Rating The Trends of 2011

Trends of 2011

A lot of new ideas arrived on the menswear scene this past year, but as we cast our gaze forward to 2012, we only see a few of them lasting through the next twelve months. So to let you know what you can safely count on wearing a year from now, we've rated some of the most discussed tricks in the book on a simple AAA-to-D scale (with apologies to Standard & Poors). If you want a credit rating for your double monks, look no further.

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The Monkstrap Boat Shoe


This Tretorn item won’t be in stores until March, but we couldn’t resist a quick preview. As you can tell from the cord around the heel, it’s very much a boat shoe, but the laces in front have been swapped out for a monkstrap-style band—combining two of our favorite kinds of shoe. It’s a good idea, and not just because of the casual loafer vibe. By our lights, the top-sider is ripe for a few forward-thinking twists, and this is the best one we’ve seen so far.

Back In Black


As longtime fans of the steady, preppy and stylishly off-kilter Barker Black label, we’re glad to see that some of their kicks have found their way into a Gilt Groupe sale today. Here’s to Gilt for snagging the notoriously un-sale-able Barker Black. And here’s to Barker for spreading the love to the online masses. Our favorites are the ostritch toe laceups, so stay away from our size 11’s.

If you’re not a Gilt Groupe member, go here for a gratis invite and entry into the sale.

If you’re already a Gilt member, head here for your new double monkstraps.