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Monk Shoes, Job Interviews, and the Collins/Obama Connection


Hearts and Minds: Obama’s no jacket required policy wins over Esquire, may or may not be a Phil Collins reference. [Esquire]

Streets is Watchin’: Monk shoes continue to be awesome. Also, leather gloves. That is all. [The Sartorialist]

On the Job: Job-interview style, courtesy of Men.Style’s infamous vloggers. [The Choosy Beggar]

Prance By: Google accidentally kills a deer. Let’s just pray it was a hybrid car. [Gizmodo]

Strapping Lads


The Sartorialist tipped us off to the latest troubling fad among monk-shoed Italians: they’re leaving the straps dangling loose. Of course, we have nothing but love for monk shoes, but to our eyes, that loose strap is just waiting to end up in the mouth of a teething basset hound with a taste for fine leatherwork.

But of course, that doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere. Trends like this rarely follow the usual rules, and assuming the shoe fits well enough to stay on without the strap, there’s nothing to stop the Mediterranean youth from leaving their straps dangling for the better part of the decade.

Think of it as a backwards ballcap for the bespoke set.

Going Monk


There’s nothing like a splash of asymmetry to liven up a shoe. For instance…

This washed-suede monk shoe comes from a N.D.C., a Belgian duo specializing in pre-treated brogues. We like the material well enough, but the asymmetrical buckle is what pushes this one over the top. A little continental flair like that can be enough to push an outfit into more memorable territory. As long as you’re willing to ditch the oxfords for a day or two, that is.