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Talking Shop on Menswear, Grantland Goes Live and Moleskine Takes On NYC

  • Kempt Staff

Carson Street Clothiers

Kitted Carson: Valet sits down with the founders of Carson Street Clothiers to talk shop (and menswear).

Guerrilla Madness: ESPN and Bill Simmons are going rogue on their March Madness coverage by creating a live stream from his man cave called Grantland Live.

Duly Noted: The famed Italian notebook maker Moleskine will open its first shop on American soil tomorrow. Wired has the sneak peek.

Triple Sip: Guyism has tracked down the world’s strongest coffee, clocking in at 200% more caffeine than your usual cup o’ joe.

Off the Grid


A lot of pocket notebooks have popped up in the past year, ranging from the slim to the bulky. But for all the new styles, the stuff between the covers has stayed pretty much the same.

Well, Doane Paper has a few ideas. Specifically, they combine the two most common pages (lined and grid) into a multipurpose sheet ready for anything from accounting tables to the first verse of your accountant-oriented battle rap. (“Sucka CPAs”?) You might even find yourself coming up with more organized musings. Or at least more organized doodles.

Making Your Mark


The moleskine trend is dying down a bit lately—especially since the engraving gives off toxic fumes—but there’s still a little life left in it...provided there’s a good design handy.

Engrave Your Book is designing leather covers that slip over Moleskines, with the usual art submitted by doodlers from Vermont to Stuttgart. It’s a good idea, and one of many, but how long before this breaks out of notebooks and into cellphones, kindles and laptops?

How long before we can get a little art on everything we own?

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Skin of Mole


Moleskines have been a staple of the scribbling, sketching and café-going set for a while now, but recent etching trends have made them a lot more stylish. And as arts collectives start devoting their attention to the new medium, the result is a lot of very good stuff.

Case in point: this Clint-inspired sketchpad with more than enough glower power to balance out the coffeehouse vibe the notebooks usually suggest. The collective is Modofly, and they're turning all their attention to moleskine creations like this one. (Canvas is so 18th century.)

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